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Just One More Mountain

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Every day is 24hr hours.
How many hours are filled with courage and light?
What will you bring to bear in this dark world?
Courage Merry, courage.
Just one more mountain.



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This world is incomprehensible.

Jesus walked into his own death a young man.


More conflict again, with another person.

Always the same thing.

Remarking on some unconscious behaviour,

all that returns is rage.

It seems impossible to communicate with people

about simple matters and simply solutions.

Often their only pleasure seems to be

to obstruct good things, 

and accelerate the bad.


"If you give a problem to a good man, he will cut it in half

If you give a problem to a bad man, he will double it"

Gurdjieff said that once.


One cannot be unhappy to leaves this planet of people.

But woe betide you leave in a such a way

as you are forced to return,

and begin again, in tears.


Perhaps once again, 

I made the mistake
of trying to live here.






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Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees it.



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Come, Come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, idolater, worshiper of fire,
Come even though you have broken our vows a thousand times,
Come, and come yet again,
Ours is not the caravan of despair.

- Rumi

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