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the moral case for bliss

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everybody has an idea of how they want the world to be.

everybody has an idea of how they want people around them to be.

everybody has an idea of how God is on their side.

may i suggest that this self rightiousness is about control?

may i suggest control is the contributing factor of conflict?

may i suggest bliss is liberty?

the nature of bliss is joy.

everybody is searching for their happiness. usually by ways of CONFLICT. im not suggesting from my view to not. im suggesting that if everbody acknolwedged that history rhymes, and took it upon themselves to spend some time going towards the source. the source being bliss. opening themselved up to their own source of joy.

bliss is experienced as a joyful feeling all over the body and in the mind by ones own nervous system. not by synthetic means such as drugs and alcohol. but by opening up to spirit where she as in shakti activates the nervous system naturally expresssing herself as joy.

in the beginning one may get glimpses of the experience. here and there. over time it could go beyond that. where one becomes a living of experince with the divine aspect of bliss.

for eons people have used techniques to open up to it. such as meditation. yoga. pranayama. trance. sound. and many more. it in my view is a test and tune thing. locating what works for the individual to open up to its grace. good luck to those whom give it a shot one day!

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