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Sometimes one feels down

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Do you think you can take over the Universe and then improve it?
It can never be done.
The Universe is sacred, it can never be improved.
If you try to change it, you will ruin it.
If you try to possess it, you will only lose it.
In the Ten Thousand Things, as well as man,
one never feels quite the same everyday.
So, sometimes things are ahead and sometimes behind.
Sometimes breathing becomes difficult, sometimes it is easy.
Sometimes there is strength and sometimes there is weakness.
Sometimes one feels up and cheerful, but sometimes one feels down.
This is natural; for we are all subject to the Heavenly bodies that influence our lives.
The Sage experiences these as well as ordinary men, for he is one of the Ten Thousand

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When one is full of Dao, there is stillness and peace.
When one is empty of Dao, there is disorder and unrest.
The Sage resides forever in stillness and peace, therefore he is full of Dao.
Though there are beautiful things all around him,
he remains at one and unattached.
When there is disorder and unrest, the Dao is lost;
stillness and peace give way to loss of control.

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