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Dash Avtara is a sanskrit word. It is mentioned in Vedas. One can get details on the internet . It is mostly mentioned as a part of SANATAN HINDU DHARAM.

Lotus sutra gives the details of  the evolution process that mind cosmic energy goes through over a long period of time. The process crosses Paralays and Mahaparlays.

Dash Avtara is the process of evolution that our physical world of 26th plane is following crossing over Parlays and Mahaparlays.

Dash in english means 10 (ten).

Avatara means birth of GOD (ONE) on our planet to  push the evolution one step further..

Following are the ten births

1. Fish in the water......After the birth of GOD in water the life in the form of fish started and expanded.

2. Tortoise........The life moved towards the EARTH from the sea in the form of Tortoise who could live life both on earth as well in water.

3. Boar...............The evoultion of an animal took over the earth when the God descended in the form of Boar.

4.Narsingh..........Half huma and half lion. This was the start of intelligence in the form of memory in the animals and became an important source of survival in animals.

5.Bouna.............A sort of animal in the form of intelligent monkey. Here memory and intelligence both play the part and help in survival.

6. Parshurama.......He is a wild and angry man who is able to use axe  (instrument of survival) .

7. Rams..............Whole of Ramayana epic describes this man. Basiclly the evolution survival moves towards duty towards family.

8. Krishna.........Mahabharta and Gita are the source of details. The evolution enlarges the scope from family to kingdoms for survival.

9. Buddhas........Human life moves inwards via meditation and acquires WISDOMS for survival

10. KALKI........Human being moves towards MYSTICAL POWERS in meditation and takes oves the earth.


I have written a lot on BUDDAH systems . Now is the time to move over to KALKI process of evolution.

















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