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  1. I feel like the actual garden is a good metaphor for cultivation. This weekend I tried to give mine some attention, full of weeds and I haven’t been watering, pruning, and fertilizing like I should, still I picked plenty of fresh, ripe tomatoes for a big pot of marinara.
  2. Come, Come, whoever you are, Wanderer, idolater, worshiper of fire, Come even though you have broken our vows a thousand times, Come, and come yet again, Ours is not the caravan of despair.- Rumi
  3. Hello. I live in US Midwest, martial arts and meditation practitioner, dabble in qigong. I work as a hospital based physical therapist. My interests include nature, gardening, fitness, and trying to learn to play the piano lately.
  4. Thank you for creating it and I think the name is good. The absentee landlord model devolved into a hot mess- although I do respect his property rights. I agree with different areas and minimal moderation for certain circumstances. Also, thanks to Patrick for his efforts, hope he returns.
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