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  1. The 'spillover' was the energy contained in, and came through, pit-participants' words out in the rest of the forum. I can tell when a poster is all pissed off.... even if they're smiling and typing about rainbows & unicorns. Maybe others could tell, too. The whole vibe of the whole site changed. It wasn't as loud as a month ago... but it's palpable now.
  2. It might be the difference between minor trolling and major trolling will be clear. Ignore button for minor trolling. Major trolling could be treated like spam.
  3. Obvious trash is easy to take out. Faster than a straw dog.
  4. Right. Welcome to the not-Bums.
  5. We're talking about 2 different things. If someone repeatedly says Jason's a silly goose and needs to wash his head - that's one thing, and doesn't call for moderation. If someone says even once Jason doesn't deserve to breathe and I know where he lives then that person is gone. No warning needed. JMO.
  6. NOOOOO!!!! Unless you want your Mods flooded with posts! Besides- who decides whats stinky and what isnt? You?
  7. Don't care where it is.. but I hope there'd be a small corner somewhere for a Viking thread Glad to hear this. If those buttons caused problems there... that doesn't mean they will at OD. And if my posts get too many 'likes' and that bothers @Joe , well, too bad. He's just gonna have to figure that out.
  8. Thank you for this. I'd not considered this before now. Much to ponder here.
  9. rene


    Wonderful conversation. Thanks @Steve and everyone for your words.
  10. can count on that.
  11. It seems like you're on a good path!
  12. Very true! Maybe a short list will be included in a 'read first' welcome message.
  13. Agree. The hosting service will have it's own ToS (terms of service) that will not allow those things. It might be OD won't need to add any others..keeping things as unhindered as possible!
  14. Good job! Not everyone can keep it at bay.
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