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  1. If anything ! survives it's going to be politics.
  2. Ok man , up to you , but things often being what you make of them .....
  3. Chuang and Buddha and Ghandi and the Dalai Llama , dont have a problem with politics, maybe wallowing is bad , and bringing self control and rationality to conversations with others is the best way to cultivate ones own way. JMO
  4. Joe

    Tao Te Ching - Discussion

    The Sage has a supreme disregard for non-essentials. Nothing in life is essential , humans live for spiritual reasons , so thats fine Worldly power, fame, advancement, titles, vanity, self-esteem, and dependence on the strength or merits of others are condemned by him as undesirable honors, not essential to true happiness and welfare. Ones own merits are not here condemned. He perceives that they are related to the externals of life, and are, in fact, the products of a corrupt civilization, and therefore to be shunned as offal or excrement. Rightly so , man is a spiritual being, the externals of life serve only to enhance the spirital, a man has to be the end user of his own existence, being slave or servant is not the rightful place of men. The difference between deserving and desiring the esteem of the world is of importance. True , those who wait for validation wait in vain, but notice that the author does think that there is deserving. The man of virtue will so act as to deserve merit, but this he will do because the whole virtue of life consists in use, and not because of any desire for merit. He cares only to fulfill his natural part in life, and to live without strife. If he gains merit, he will know how to wear it with modesty, but it will not in any way affect his course of action, nor cause him to set a greater value on anything that he does. The man who is desirous of merit acts only within the lines which lead that way, and there is nothing spontaneous or altogether virtuous in what he does. He is from the first attached to the fruits of action, and therefore if he fails to gain merit by his work, he is so much the more despondent and disappointed, and comes even to the point of regretting whatever good he may incidentally have performed. Essentially true , if he recognizes it , he knows that it was not his own spirit which led him to his actions.
  5. Joe

    Tao Te Ching - Discussion

    The Dao encompasses all , both yin and yang therefore an accurate view includes both. Knowing this -Then one sees the truth 24 One who cowers doesnt grow One who doest not attempt, finds no peace The ignorant have nothing to tell If you dont believe in yourself , why should anyone else believe in you? Doing nothing, one has no reason to be proud Those who wait for validation , wait in vain To those who embody the Dao,..These are essential components which drive men to be active participants in their lives , acting in their own interests, to their own benefit and the benefit of society in general they are proper Role models of virtue.
  6. Joe

    Tao Te Ching - Discussion

    Your comparison to the Abrahamic religions I can see. But I personally wouldn't call Judaism a vehicle for Christianity, Judaism was the origin or basis of Christianity. The relationship envisioned between mankind and God is different ,otherwise a lot is common. ......why do emojis lock up my phone here??
  7. Joe

    Tao Te Ching - Discussion

    Buddhism, I read, is a branch of Hinduism, and is Hindu in origin and development. Appearances can be deceiving?
  8. Thanks, I read several long discussions on this subject, everybody has their own idea where to draw the line. If you go totally free speech you cant deal with obvious and ugly harassment on the part of the participants. Or ,the other extreme ,harassment is done by the admin. Like at X ,IMo,
  9. Heirloom is the way to go. I grew cherry tomatoes which I forget the name of, various chilies , and the Japanese eggplants were fantastic. But never had a full fledged veg garden.
  10. The operating principle of a forum is to promote communication. Reserve the right to suspend or ban. Permit odious speech unless it's truly intolerable, as in an abusive pattern. It's not possible to specify tightly what is transgression, beforehand. The moderation is just a thing to be judged over time by the individual participants, the general response by admin should be presumed to be, 1 suck it up, 2 cut it out , or 3 please leave,.. in that order. ( And the person asked to leave may be either the defendant or plaintiff) Imo
  11. Understood How you go about it, is your own call, I am just suggesting that the sense of community is more important than having subdivisions. Cross fertilization , integration , exposure are good things. The problem at X,is a sudden shortage of tolerance , but its also a type of forced subdivision. I understand the desire for some quieter , more undisturbed venues , and I am not suggesting that would be bad.. what I am saying is that one could simply flag ,,say, majorly Buddhist subjects to help people search , without pushing them from the public eye, into a back room. The thread itself is enough subdivision. Another ex would be if you have 30 people in 10 threads going in five major subivisions somewhat hidden , you probably end up with sleeping threads more often, than if you just had the 10 threads in one locale where you could see if people were talking in there. Flagging the subject matter, but keeping the grouping collected, emphasizes the public space. When The box automatically reapportions space to satisfy an english teachers idea of a proper paragraph , when they havent read the subject matter. And at the same time waste swathes of space so you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to go along in the thread Like you were visually challenged Great - I would really like that eye button though most of all . Personally , I don't need the validation of 'like' clicks much ,though its fun to get laughing faces smilies and all , but I would really like to know that my posts were at least seen .
  12. Youre right, there is indeed a project to make folks act weak and partisan. Supporting this perspective ... , you may not be aware that many of the issues that are being "debated" , are in fact things that the other side was in favor of as well , its just that you have to track back a few months ( or several years), to find the point of concensus. EX: the president would like to- index capital gains to account for inflation-, as a stimulus action. Drift back a few years and his opposition, Schumer , is on record as reccommending the exact same thing for the same reason. You can google up the clip! Without the media acting as a non-partisan promotor of objective facts , and acting as a historical repository ( which they are uniquely situated to be) the public loses its frames of reference about the opinions held in society , in general . Simply put , folks forget , or never were made aware of pertinant considerations. Back to welcoming Stella ? whose name is a lot of fun.
  13. Joe

    Tao Te Ching - Discussion

    Very interesting ..... hmmm Doesnt going down , or up , become its reverse ?
  14. I agree totally. When we opt to DO something , we finalize all the internal debates all the potential emotional quotients are totalled up, because you cant both -move and not move. The stuff you chose is welded with the options you have , and the possibilities going forward. I am beginning to think that its absolutely imperative to have some sort of proceedure , enactment , to get anywhere, even if its largely symbolic.
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