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  1. Music that I like to hum along to
  2. Steve


    In the Taoist internal arts holding on to energy isn't some thing we do to propel ourselves. We cultivate energy because we're hedonistic chi junkies that like to bask in the glow of strong energy. It's also because it's one of those paths which have a goal of some kind in order to get you to meditate a lot. It's a game, it's a contest, and if you don't like to play games that's fine too. I just happen to like this feeling I get from being saturated full of nice pure clean energy. Also, I share energy with students so I'm giving it away too. In any case I think we might be talking about different kinds of energies. This group mind thing you speak of, which I have no experience with, seems to me like more of a spiritual/psychic connection that people can feel and cultivate, even over long distances. The kind of energy we cultivate to 'hold on to', as you say is more like an electrical/magnetic feeling and flow that can generate a lot of heat, in ourselves, and in others. For example I was scanning my wife's belly to check where she had a little pain and she said "Ouch, it's hot!" So, if I wanted to join the circus I could put on shows like this guy (although it looks like his energy is a bit wimpy due to the shows he does): But we're in luck, because here we have Mr. David, who appears to have seen this kind of thing from both sides! So would you say that this group empathic/pychic energy sharing that is done is working with the same kind of energy that we cultivate for chi power?
  3. OK, it was a nice lunch fixed by our French couple. I just want to add here that I'm not political, neither left nor right, for it has all been turned into a nasty game of divide and conquer. The point is the leaders of both sides are the best of buddies, but the 'followers' of each side have been extensively manipulated. In the case of the farther left, they have been manipulated into being a group of people fed idealistic 'desires' and then having temper tantrums when their ideals are unmet. Just like babies in every way. This is the result of the national drive to create uneducated and immature citizens. I didn't get involved in that Trump thread, but I saw and have seen what goes on. Now, lets say that there is some person who has seen more of the big picture, who is neither republican nor democrat, but who wants what is best for their country. What happens is that people who may be completely unpolitical and yet have some of that rare common sense, get fed up with and sick of these clueless, idealistic, temper tantrum, crybabies. You can't reason with them, ever, so you get annoyed and you just want them to shut their idiot clueless yaps, so you tell them off. The result is that completely normal people with common sense and good hearts get sick of the crying and want to turn it off. Therefore these awakened people who have common sense, but who are not really tight wing *******s, appear to be far right wingers to the left wing crybabies. So what happens to a forum when you ban and chase away all those who are more mature, have more common sense, and are more awake? You end up with a forum that is full of immature whiney crybabies that like to have temper tantrums. That is my prediction for Sean's twisted forum. Those who are wise will get shouted down even more than before. So this episode is a microcosm of the macrocosm of what the globalists want to do to the world at large. It includes people who stayed on the forum but do not want to explain this is plain black and white but rather beat around the bush to avoid getting banned. Just like in communist countries.
  4. Concerning what others are calling the 'other' forum, I wonder if this post will get me banned from there? They took a big giant step downhill when they changed the name from Tao Bums to Dao Bums. Then the owner returns. What can be said about a forum for awakening which is ruled over by an ego disaster who is asleep? He's really just a tool for the bankers and globalists, and he says that the majority of people are right wing *******s. Obviously he has that view because he's a left wing *******. He says that 'conspiracy theories' are all bullshit, when in fact the term Conspiracy theorist was invented by the FBI as a preemptive strike against those who had an idea of what's going on. You know, people who are 'awake'. Those who have been around long enough can clearly see the results of social engineering, which have converted the new generations into a bunch of self righteous, inconsiderate, cry babies, whose solution is to problems is have temper tantrums and shut themselves off from those who are awake. The degree of immaturity and infantilization is extreme, and Sean is so immersed in it that it seems normal. OOps, it's lunch time, a treat cooked up by our French volunteers. I'll add to this later.
  5. Steve


    This is a good attitude, but who can judge who is in the most need? I would say that almost everyone can use some healing no matter how healthy they are. Maybe ones that are really sick appear the most needy, but maybe someone who can make better use of healing is a relatively healthy healer, who wants to do more. I look at it like this. Do I want to use my energy to heal people who are very sick because they don't want to work on healing themselves, or do I want to use my energy to create powerful healers? Anyone can stop cultivating and start giving it away at whatever level they wish. but I'm Taoist so I'll present this from the Taoist viewpoint. Lao Tzu sez: "first heal yourself, then heal your family, then heal your neighbors, etc" The important point is 'first heal yourself'. Just between you and me, I would never get near some reiki healer who didn't have the wherewithall to first make themselves a shining example of health. Do I want healing energy from someone who is not healthy? Never! So the goal in Taoism is to first heal yourself, which also means to cultivate chi power, The more you heal yourself the higher level healing that you can do. A person can heal themselves to the point of going into remission from cancer. which is low level; all the way to becoming a god, which is high level. Each level of attainment allows the practitioner to work on higher level people with higher level abilities, which seems more useful to me, personally. Then there are the Buddhas, who say "The hell with healing, that's their karma, let the other healers play those games." Which brings up the point of karma, 'healers' are generally careless with karma, they are messing with other people's karma, which they are unconcerned about, and at the same time they are screwing up their own karma big time. Lastly, being Taoist, I cultivate because the goal is to be an immortal, and that was my goal before I ever heard of Taoism or of immortals. If a person keeps giving energy away, or 'sharing' energy, they limit their progress and will not become immortals. However there are some schools which condone energy vampirism or energy taking in order to assist themselves on the path of immortal.
  6. Steve


    That is one way it works, but there's always more than one way to skin a cat. The big question seems to be whether someone can have 'more' energy in themselves, and the answer is yes they can. Many think that if a person has a lot of energy that it stagnates because energy must always be moving, but that is not the case. What determines stagnation is how many blockages a person has. If a person is without much in the way of blockages then they can have a lot of energy, and it is always moving, it moves in them and through them. It moves in them like in circuits, and it moves through them like a magnetic or electrical field around a power source. like this: Although it's not as simple as shown in the drawings. This happens to people whether they cultivate or not, and whether they have a lot of energy or not. Some who are not chi power cultivators but who have fewer blockages and better focussing ability can increase the flow rate, like a bigger pipe, but there is a limit. It is not unlimited. Those who cultivate chi power in the internal arts train their bodies to flow much more energy, it is a physical kind of body conditioning, which points to that scary word for some - exercise. Maybe some aren't so afraid of exercise, but if they are going to exercise they might as well do the kind that increase chi power. So, to answer the million dollar question. Cultivators do have more power, because they can flow more, but that misses the important point because both cultivators and non cultivators of chi power can do it. Cultivators of power can store huge amounts of energy in their bodies, stored as potential energy. Like a battery. Mr. Yueng, who was essentially omniscient, said that people can learn to emit external energy but they can have much more power if they are able to use their own energy. Notice keyword: "much". He also said that the bones are able to store energy like batteries. This is one reason that it is said in the classics, that the bones of the sage or the master are heavy, like steel wrapped in cotton. Mr Yueng was able to feel the inside of people's bones and could tell if they were dry or juicy. Juicy being young bones with good marrow, and dry being old bones that are full of fat. Bones with good marrow can act as batteries, while old bones, full of fat, can not. This is one reason for bone marrow chi kung, although the liars claiming to teach it to the public are generally clueless, or at least they keep their students clueless. There is only one way to acquire heavier bones, and that is with physical exercise of the right kinds.
  7. Steve


    I believe you are correct in that. I think they do that quite a lot on this forum, and I know some here can see other's energy very well. Doing energy work with someone who has energy abilities somewhere else in the world is one thing, standing around in a geriatric ward is something else ... to be avoided by those who want to cultivate some good clean energy.
  8. Steve


    A lot of those forms of energy are not really energy but a misapplication of the word. It's used instead of momentum, force, trajectory, flavor, and emotions, to name a few. Real chi has many aspects, but I thinks it's safe to include all those aspects in the one. The weird thing is it's relationship to mind, or intent, very mysterious.
  9. Steve


    Some say that there is unlimited energy (in the universe). Well that may be, if the universe is infinite in size, then it could have an infinite amount of energy, but who knows if it is? It's just a belief, and what does it matter? What if there is unlimited energy, does that mean that Joe Blow down the street has access to it because if his beliefs? That energy is already busy somewhere else, far far away, and Joe Blow doesn't have any access to it nor control over it. To really control energy takes power. To cultivate chi power requires physical exercises of a specific kind. Some people can move energy and acquire some sensitivities by just doing sitting meditations, but they are frequently shocked when they experience chi power from someone. It is well known that if people give energy away when they are cultivating power, it limits the power that can be cultivated. Therefore the common warning to not play energy games with Joe Blows. If someone is frequently playing energy games with others they never can cultivate power, they are always giving it away and exchanging energy, therefore always operating on the base level of that group. This is why it seems that most have equal energy, so it is true in those cases. In the Taoist internal arts it was common for a person to cultivate power for three decades before trying to do energy wok with others, and when they do that they have huge power, which lends 'magical' abilities. The only way rank can be determined is by who has the most chi power. At the same time the practitioner purifies their energy and raise the frequency of it. They can instantly feel the sick energy of another, sometimes even from quite a distance. Even the most advanced and powerful masters absorb sick energy from people that they heal, it is unavoidable, and it is also karma at work. The reason that many 'healer' type people don't think they absorb sick energy from others is because they are all more or less equal, equally lacking in power, and more or less equally sick. Since they already have sick energy they can't really feel the difference like a well purified person can. My teacher, who was a very advanced and powerful master, had to meditate for three days to get rid of the sick energy that he would pick up from healing someone. On the other hand healers who aren't themselves exceptionally healthy just pick up more and more sick energy and can hardly tell the difference. Like the alternative doctor I was talking with who gave off a big burst of energy while sitting talking to me didn't even need to use his hands. He gets a gold star on his forehead for being able to do that, but he didn't know he just gave off a big blast of sick energy. Later he had to quit working due to 'confusion,' moved to the other side of the country, and went a little bit cwazy.
  10. Steve

    My take on Laozi's Te

    When I read it like that I realized they are nearly the same thing! Very interesting. I think the word effortless can be a bit misleading but it's better than whatever is in second place. Once upon a time Lao Tzu wrote: "The more you mess with stuff the more messed up it gets", so both wu wei, and Te require meesin' with other's stuff as little as possible. Of course it is an important attitude requirement, that of "No fucks given," that makes it all work in the effortless manner. Concerning attitude, the first overarching attitude is one of wishing the best for all other beings. So the big question is how do you combine and attitude of wishing the best for others with an attitude of no fucks given? This defines on aspect of the warrior path or attitude. Choices are impetuous, yet since one lives for life the choices are usually correct. However, whether the choice proves right or wrong, there are no regrets, it's in the past. Wishing well, restraint, impetuous, and no regrets, those define both wu wei and Te.
  11. Steve


    I avoid group energy work, and my teacher recommended avoiding it. The thing is, most people have less energy so we end up giving away a lot more than they can. Most people have sicker energy so it contaminates the energy in us that they don't take. It's like throwing money down the toilet while feeling sick. No shielding, I tried making a shield for a few minutes and realized it would be a terrible way to live and would close off everything. No one can only shield from evil and not from good. It is better to be open to everything, yet transparent. Transparent makes it like this: I must not fear, fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me, and when it has gone I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing, only I will remain. Once some fundamentalists talked me into chanting Nam Yo Renge Kyo, so I tried it a few times. I fancied I could hear immortals from one end to the other of heaven and hell laughing at me.
  12. I'm guessing that Jadesun lives in the US? Well rest assured, the younger US has been converted into a hyper shit giving society, and it could just be that you are sensitive to it. Try tai chi as a way of getting in to meditation.
  13. This could be mistaken, but possibly you are shaman material, and if you don't find your calling (which is usually some kind of healing* modality) or just pick one and pursue that, then it will cause those feelings of missed opportunities, depression, and loserness. I felt similarly earlier in life, but never let depression get a hold, I always felt it was good to tough it out through the bad parts. * healing - could apply to physical, emotional, or spiritual, or all at the same time.
  14. Love them turkey drumsticks. Do you put corn out to attract them?
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