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  1. The chat link doesn't work.
  2. Hi! Are you interested in meeting us all? Well good, so am I. The question are, where and when and who and what? Where: In the US because most of us are from there. Shady had a good suggestion that if someone has a place big enough, that would be good. Another possible idea is to rent a place for the weekend. When: For me, the earliest is on August. If we can't agree on details before August, next would be around new year. If not then, maybe in the summer 2019. A weekend was what i had in mind. What do you guys think? What: Well, energy work, talking, hugging, laughing, sharing. Who: People who have shown interest atm Tuesday, Karen and Tom, Trish, Jonny, FL, shady, dwai So. Let's discuss.
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