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  1. Hi Trish, The closest thing to experiencing an expansion I've felt would be what I describe as a "release". It's a bit like you have a pressurized tank which has reached critical levels, and you hit a "release" valve. I can describe it as an inner tension releasing. Like an energetic "Ahhh". I'm not sure if it's a temporary release, or an expansion like we're talking about. But it's a very palpable release, either way. In regards to working with others... one thing I've noticed has been I am more sensitive to the other person when I'm female. I can feel their energy more clearly. When I'm male side of things, I just kind of blast and feel more of my own energy than theirs. (Guys can be selfish... :))
  2. It seems that as time goes on, for me... male and female become more similar in regards to how I feel during the day. When I began this journey of learning about both ends of the spectrum, there was a big difference in the two. Male felt powerful, outgoing, confident ... yet when I was female, it was the opposite - weak, very introverted, shy. That has changed now ... my male isn't as confident, yet my female isn't as shy. It's like the two sides are balancing themselves out. Of course, I still notice when I'm one or the other, but the shifts aren't as drastic now. Some things I've noticed about the female side, is I don't have much desire to do meditation or any sort of "work". I'm content with just being in the moment - whatever that may be. Agreed with you guys though - that female gets a bad rap. Usually when your "caught" in issues and dragged into it, we naturally go female, but there's definitely more to it than just the difficult times.
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