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  1. FaXin

    Guru Yoga

    "It is said that through strong aspiration and fervor anything can be accomplished. Similarly, if we think without the slightest doubt that Guru Rinpoche is truly present above our head, his blessings will flow down to us without interruption. We must not think that he is possibly there, that he might be there at some future time, or that the Guru Rinpoche visualized above our head is no more than a mental construct or a substitute slightly inferior to the actual Guru Rinpoche who dwells on the distant Copper Colored Mountain. We should be absolutely confident that he is present with all of his wisdom and compassion, and we should think that it is only due to our obscurations that we cannot readily perceive him. Furthermore, we should not think that Guru Rinpoche dwells in so distant a place as to be unaware of us or of our supplications to him, or that in caring for so many sentient beings he could not possibly notice or remember us. Guru Rinpoche has complete wisdom, loving-kindness, and ability. We must realize that even a prayer to Guru Rinpoche, the recitation of a single Vajra Guru mantra calling upon him, or even the raising of a single hand toward our heart in a gesture of devotion toward him or simply remembering him with clear faith, will be perceived by him, for he has full knowledge of our devotion. As it is said, "The Buddha dwells in front of whosoever has faith in him." Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, "The Wish Fulfilling Mantra" p.26
  2. FaXin

    Guru Yoga

    Here is an interesting line: "For instance, Tilopa did not ask, and Dorje Chang did not offer, a single word of teaching, yet Tilopa was liberated. This was due simply to the strength of Tilopa's devotion. If the disciple has the ring of faith and devotion, then the hook of the guru's wisdom and compassion will pull him swiftly to the land of liberation."
  3. FaXin

    Guru Yoga

    "He is like a great ship for beings to cross the perilous ocean of existence, an unerring captain who guides them to the dry land of liberation, a rain that extinguishes the fire of the passions, a bright sun and moon that dispel the darkness of ignorance, a firm ground that can bear the weight of both good and bad, a wish-fulfilling tree that bestows temporal happiness and ultimate bliss, a treasury of vast and deep instructions, a wish fulfilling jewel granting all the qualities of realization, a father and a mother giving their love equally to all sentient beings, a great river of compassion, a mountain rising above worldly concerns unshaken by the winds of emotions, and a great cloud filled with rain to soothe the torments of the passions. In brief, he is the equal to all the buddhas. To make any connection with him, whether through seeing him, hearing his voice, remembering him, or being touched by his hand, will lead us toward liberation. To have full confidence in him is the sure way to progress toward enlightenment. The warmth of his wisdom and compassion will melt the ore of our beings and release the gold of the buddha-nature within." -Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, "The Wish Fulfilling Jewel"
  4. FaXin

    Guru Yoga

    "It is said that all the buddhas of the three times-- those of the past and the present and those to come-- achieve buddhahood through reliance on a spiritual teacher. The essence of reliance on a teacher is unceasing devotion, and the most effective means of generating and sustaining unwavering devotion is precisely the practice of guru yoga. Through this practice, devotion to the teacher takes firm root within us and eventually grows to pervade our entire being. It protects our practice from obstacles and ensures progress on the path. Devotion to the teacher is thus the core of all our spiritual practice, regardless of the particular stages of the path we cultivate. For these reasons, guru yoga is considered the most vital and necessary of all practices and is in itself the surest and fastest way to reach the goal of enlightenment." Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, "The Wish Fulfilling Jewel"
  5. I love to drink tea, one of my favorite things to do. Recently I discovered a talk which combined using tea as a plant medicine, and seemingly Zen/Daoist philosophy. I found the talk impressive and thought it was very enlightening - it went much deeper than just “drinking tea”. Enjoy!
  6. Me too. Lateralus was my favorite so far. Definitely spiritual music
  7. Thanks @Chas! I’m sure you’ve heard the new Tool song...
  8. Yes, Tau malachis stuff carries a transmission with it. Glad you enjoyed.
  9. Thank you Alcyone for the great post. Lots of informative info. I liked how you linked the things like the Nordics and UFO dreams to subconscious issues. Ive heard some very cool encounter stories from the Native Americans. It’s all very fascinating to me.
  10. I love the garden metaphor for our mind. I've yet to come across anything as accurate and illustrates cultivating so clearly.
  11. 4. Jesus said, "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest." (GOT) "Imagine that the Lord himself is standing in front of you, along with Lady Mary Magdalene, speaking these words. There, in your sight, is a man and a woman, a spiritual teacher (rabbi) and his consort. In plain sight are a husband and wife. Yet hidden within the ordinary appearance of a man and woman, Logos and Sophia are present, standing before you and speaking with you. If you recognize what is in your sight, the Divine presence and power manifesting as a man and woman, then in the instant of recognition, what is hidden is revealed to you and becomes clear. You realize the presence of the Messiah and receive something of the Spirit of the Messiah. In that very moment, the Light-transmission occurs. You must understand, the Lord appears as any man and Lady Mary appears as any woman. They are completely ordinary in appearance, although, indeed, Lord Yeshua appears as a strong man and Lady Mary as a most beautiful woman. Yet, in appearance, there is nothing extraordinary about them. They look like you or me, or anybody. You could pass them on the street and never know how near to the Messiah and kingdom of God you had come. In order to know what is hidden within them, you would have to recognize what is in your sight. You would have to encounter them with a presence of awareness and then pay attention to perceive the Divine presence and power moving with them. Only then would you know to seek teachings and initiation and so invoke the Divine revelation. Here, I will tell you a secret. You can only recognize what is within you. If you are able to recognize something of the Divine presence and power within a holy person, it is that same presence and power within yourself that is recognizing. The holy person in you recognizes the holy person of the Master. The Supernal Light in you recognizes the Supernal Light in others and in the world around you. In the moment of recognition, you enter, to some degree, into the higher form of consciousness you are noticing. To some degree, that higher state of awareness dawns in you. If there is a difference between you and the apostle in whom you have recognized something of the Divine, it is only that the apostle has learned to abide in that Divine presence and power and to consciously unite with it, and, as yet, you have not learned to do so. At the outset, for you, it is a potential, while, for the apostle, it is actual. That is the only difference. Nevertheless, what you perceive is the Truth about yourself. This is what is happening for everyone. Everyone is perceiving something about themselves all of the time. How we perceive others and the world is how we perceive ourselves. What is perceived depends upon our own state of consciousness, whether a lower or higher state. If we want to recognize that is in our sight so that what is hidden is revealed, we need only change our own consciousness." - Tau Malachi, Gospel of St. Thomas
  12. Have to share this, as I remember this verse whenever I'm around kids. Jesus said, "The man old in days will not hesitate to ask a small child of seven days old about the place of life, and he will live. For many who are first will become last, and they will become one and the same." GOT verse 4 "An infant is not involved in, nor attached to the world. A babe of seven days old is not in bondage to name, form, and limited self-identity. Such a soul is undistracted and moves freely between worlds, neither bound to one nor forgetting the other, but naturally near to the source of life and light. If the small child of seven days old, as yet uncorrupted by the mind of the world, could speak, surely wisdom would pour fourth, a wisdom people of the world would undoubtedly call folly or crazy. Yet such wisdom would come directly from the inmost part of the soul and God itself."- Tau Malachi
  13. FaXin

    Asana Practice

    Totally agree - should be taught in our schools. 100%!!! Thanks for your comment siva. More reason for me to look into Iyengar.
  14. FaXin

    Asana Practice

    Very cool, thank you Trish. I have friends who teach Hatha and Ashtanga - I just happen to be closer to the friend who does Ashtanga. ill look up Iyengar tonight. I also have a book on Yin Yoga but didn’t get into it much.
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