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  1. I agree with everything you said, but still have that one question. I don't think you answered my question. When we say Buddha realizes Emptiness, who is the Buddha? Is he the One that came from Dao, or one of the 10,000 that expanded into everything and still expanding? No matter which one in the question above, still it is part of the One that came out of Dao. So, the realization is to Buddha. Does the realization have any significance in the absence of a Buddha, One or even Samsara? Emptiness with just potential without the One and universe seem just not possible from that statement in Sutra. They both exist dependent to each other.
  2. The quote from Lankavatara Sutra says Nirvana is only in relation to Samsara. No Samsara, then no Nirvana. Along the same lines, I came up with the question, emptiness as just void with potential (before the One or manifest reality), cannot be meaningful for anyone. For it to be meaningful, something needs to be there to experienced. Who realizes the Dao or Emptiness? It can't be the Dao realizing the Dao, then it sounds like Brahman. One, universal mind or shiva can self reflect, but Dao can't. If it is the universal mind that realizes the Dao, then Dao has meaning only with respect to the universal mind, right?
  3. Agree about the deeper realization, my question was about who realizes that deeper thing? That must be the Universal mind or at least in relation or dependent to the universal mind as that quote from Sutra points out. Nirvana can make sense only with respect to, or in relation to samsara. So, does that mean Dao or Emptiness has no meaning or significance of itself?
  4. "Conditions of existence are not of a mutually exclusive character; in essence things are not two but one. Even Nirvana and Samsára’s world of life and death are aspects of the same thing, for there is no Nirvana except where is Samsára, and no Samsára except where is Nirvana. All duality is falsely imagined." This made me wonder, does Dao or Emptiness have any meaning in the absence of One (or universal mind)?. Dao is Dao to who, if there is no universal mind?
  5. I am starting to understand this sutra much better and feel certain things stated in the sutra about mind and emptiness clearly in the last month. Would really love for this discussion to continue, and for everyone to participate!
  6. Hi Riju, Thanks for the response to my questions. Sorry, I just checked your post above. I understand how you feel about Jesus. To me, Jesus feels like the next Buddha or the advancement or the next major turning after the Gautama Buddha. Please continue with your thoughts on Kalki and how they change humanity and our spiritual evolution. I look forward to reading more, if you have something more you would like to share. Much Love Siva.
  7. Very interesting discussion. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. I was not logging into or checking the LU forums when this topic was created. I find the polarity itself fascinating. The One appears from Dao. If the One has to become many, what are the choices? The one can clone itself into 10,000 without polarity. But, then where is the fun. Not just the fun, the universe cannot function without the polarity. There will be no attachment or desire if there is no polarity, and therefore no samsara. So, the creation or seperation of the polarity is the brilliant master stroke of the genius One. Thus the maya becomes functional and resulting in a Universe of beings. Each one of the 10,000 seems to have both polarities to certain extent. I think in going light, we open up and start to see the other polarity or the side of us. To me, more than the light level, the level 10 seems to be the place where the clarity about these things become more apparent. It can be different in other's experiences. I would also like to hear from others, how their perspective or feel on polarity changed as they progressed through the levels. For me, at the earlier stages the clearings in the female side felt harder at times. Switching to the male side has even felt like a relief few times. But, I think the real knowing of a certain level comes only when the other polarity (with respect to our external polarity male/female) reaches that level. It might be interesting to hear other opinions on this also. I generally feel stronger energetic flows in the male side. The female side is more calmer, expansive with an accommodating feel for me. There is also the strong tendency to reach out and help, to be the 'part of' happenings. The male can be more self absorbed than the female -- both externally and also with the inner polarity. With some recent changes, my feel of the female polarity has changed entirely. I felt mostly at peace and blissful at times during the recent expansion in the female side which still seems to be continuing in the past 2 weeks. The balance or the level of clarity I feel now is unlike anything I have felt previously either on female or male side. Something has moved and the world has become more playful in general and I am (the local me) is grateful for that, and the larger me (universal me) is just becoming apparent with the self apprehension and finding its nature as pure bliss untouched by the external experiences.
  8. Really nice thread with some great insight into the passage from TTC, and the path of the immortals. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this discussion.
  9. What do you think of Jesus or other masters outside of India. Do you think any of them brought any major turnings after Gautam Buddha brought down the wisdom of Lotus sutra and the Treasure Tower? Jesus did absorb the evil (sins) of others, which to me looks like destroying the evilness in a body as you describe. Also, is it possible in your opinion that this change to absorb the unlimited cosmic energy from the treasure tower might have happened already and we humans have a better potential possibly right now? Not in relation to Jesus, but perhaps by some other Buddha possibly after the time period of Jesus.
  10. Do you mean Kalki as in one of 10 Vishnu's avatars? I saw the other post about equating the 10 avatars of Vishnu with progressive spiritual evolution at the highest level. Very interesting topic. I have read some of your older posts also and found some of them to be fascinating. The 7th point above puzzles me. Why do you think a Kalki cannot be happy and peaceful if the surroundings are not conducive? I would think a person who has access to limitless cosmic energy, will be at peace now matter what the surroundings are. Also once a person has reached the Kalki state, is it possible to come down to be a Arhat? Just curious.
  11. It is interesting to note the way Nirvana is described. There is no nirvana except where is samara and vice versa. Sounds like everything is subject to dependent origination. I just wonder if nirvana is valid only in relation to samsara, how is it indicative of the void or state of emptiness?
  12. Thanks. I don't understand what is meant by dharmakaya really well. I will look into it.
  13. My interest suddenly spiked and I read few chapters last night. Very interesting. Look forward to the discussions. Something I wondered, whether the universal mind that is described in this mind is the same as dharmakaya or perhaps what is described as Shiva in KS. Any thoughts?
  14. Rather than seeing as the game of gods, it's our own game. There is no seperate gods playing and we as separate beings. We are the ones playing. It's a game of memory, just slowly remembering who we really are
  15. Glad to be part of the discussion. Another way I see it is the balancing between the Shiva's acts of tirodhana (obscuring the truth) and anugraha (divine grace). The obscuring illusion has to be very strong and impenetrable for the whole thing to work. Otherwise, everyone will come to know they are Shiva and the game will be over very fast. The other three acts -- srishti (creation), stithi (sustenance) and samhara (dissolution) -- may lose meaning if it becomes a predictable puzzle. Certain level of randomness in appearance is needed to keep the game going. In the same way, if divine grace is powerful and acts right away and what is obscured becomes clear right away, this will also lead to a quicker end of the game. In the interests of keeping the game (Leela) going, which is truly our inner interest as well, perhaps some randomness or seeming indifference is warranted. Anyway, that's how I understand or interpret it.
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