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  1. Trish


    When Cheya first told me about the chat room - this is the chat before the Slack chat - I won't say that I didn't believe her, but she's a much more advanced energy practitioner than I'll ever be, and what she was saying seemed a little fantastical. I became a believer when she linked me to the site and I was able to experience it for myself and started interacting with the people here. I was one of those folks who would just go sit in the channel and soak it in, or do practices in the energy of chat. The Energy channel in Slack is similar to the original chat. I haven't done cultivation practices outside of some basic tai chi, so I don't know that I'm qualified to compare and contrast the energies. In my limited experience tai chi generates a localized energetic experience, while a dive or one on one work creates more of an ocean of energy of which I am a part.
  2. Trish

    Asana Practice

    Iyengar is alignment based, and a lot more time is spent in each pose exploring where strength/weakness, allowance/resistance is residing. Because so much time is spent in each pose, the practice develops strength as well as flexibility. Ashtanga and Iyengar are sometimes referred to as the dynamic and static forms of yoga. Sun salutations are a powerful practice in both styles and a great way to start a day!
  3. Trish

    Asana Practice

    I've tried a number of forms of yoga - including Ashtanga, which i found really powerful. I always end up back in Iyengar, which most people find exceedingly tedious. There is something so restful about being so exacting in the asanas, but also there is a deeper stability in the precision of Iyengar that I didn't find anywhere else that seems so balancing and healing to the body. It helps that there are some amazing very high-level teachers in my area...
  4. Trish


    Yes, I feel energy within and from others. I've done group energy work here in the energy channel, and locally in group meditations and other intentional gatherings. Pros for me are quieting the mind and expanding my field, as well as recognizing and sometimes clearing out old patterns. Cons would be the frustration that can develop when I have an agenda about how things should be going, or when I'm not sure what's happening within the group dynamic. I've never really understood shielding, either how or why, so no.
  5. Thanks for posting this - really cool to watch and feel the energy...
  6. Or, have your thoughts and your feelings fully and know that they are just passing through.
  7. Trish


    Really nothing. It's more about personal goals - do you want to be 'right', whatever that is, or do you want to be peaceful in a world where everything, including right and wrong, are wholly subject to perspective. Yes, being fully present in each moment without attachment or aversion. Thanks for all the responses
  8. Trish


    From Shaila Catherine's Focused and Fearless: "Spiritual practitioners thrive in unpredictable conditions, testing and refining the inner qualities of heart and mind. Every situation becomes an opportunity to abandon judgement and opinions and to simply give complete attention to what is. Situations of inconvenience are terrific areas to discover, test, or develop your equanimity. How gracefully can you compromise in a negotiation? Does your mind remain balanced when you have to drive around the block three times to find a parking space? Are you at ease waiting for a flight that's six hours delayed? These inconveniences are opportunities to develop equanimity. Rather than shift the blame onto an institution, system, or person, one can develop the capacity to opt to rest within the experience of inconvenience." Seems a life-long practice for me.
  9. I love his approach to helping his son find his own identity, too.
  10. One of my all-time favorites...
  11. Maybe flip it around. Whether from a 'geniune' need or a scam, the person that hits us up for money is feeling deficient some how. Giving freely, regardless of whether they need it or 'deserve' is is not really the point and nothing we can really know . Giving from a place of knowing that there's enough is the real lesson to me. I always try to keep some money readily available and wonder who is really asking me when it happens. Then you are the one giving instead of them taking from you.
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