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  1. I've never been clear on whether I'm on male or female side, usually feel like I'm female and surprised when Jeff tells me I'm male...But the other day I think I got some clarity. I've been going on what I'm feeling, and when I am noticing that, I'm usually in some heart-full sort of space and figure that's female. Then if I feel clear, silent, and expanded, figured that was more male... But if I use the terms receptive vs transmitting, and just focus on what I'm doing... it is suddenly obvious. Am I sending or receiving? Doesn't matter what I am transmitting... transmitting is male. The surprise was, if I am transmitting the heart feeling, that would actually be more male, when I have been assuming that is more female... Female, then, would mean I am on intake, receptive to incoming energies.. Not sure I actually do that very often! Which explains why Jeff has told me I'm usually transmitting... and maybe why dives can seem like such a relief... I get to go female for awhile...
  2. Very sad. Guess there's always Facebook... Not likely the same as sitting in LU chat though...
  3. Jeff, that is easily and by far the most use-full commentary on this I've ever read. (And I've read a lot of them, but long ago given up on finding commentaries I could make enough sense of to actually use at my level.) Thank you!
  4. Okay, here’s the second couple lines, as Liao’s translation gets more interesting here. Well I guess I should say his interpretation gets more interesting here….So take it or leave it, here's where he goes with the oral tradition. ******* Liao’s translation: "Ever aware of the bright white, still hold onto the core of the dark, being very humble toward the world. Being ever humble toward the world, the Te never changing, returns to the state of the infinite." ******** These lines parallel the translation above nicely, and they still don’t mean much to me…. but Liao's narrative expansion on LZ’s words, based on the oral tradition, definitely gets my attention, especially in regards to how Jeff works with us. Liao offers a candle analogy, the body of the candle is the core substance of dark—the body and Te power, while the flame is the bright white— mind and Te power. So here the bright white flame clings to the dark substance, the candle. The resulting flame, feeding on the candle, illuminates the world, just as the sage broadcasts his message into the world. So after learning to hold mind and body together “as the stream clings to the earth,” Liao describes the second step, this based on the candle analogy. "While radiating or broadcasting your Te power, although you remain ever aware of the bright white, still hold onto the core of dark. In this way, the power of Te works like a candle ....You must be aware of the radiation of bright white light, and rely on the core substance, the darkness. Hold onto dark substance and watch the white matter at work.” “Broadcast with an attitude of being very humble towards the world. Being ever humble toward the world, the Te never changing, returns to the state of the infinite. If your mind and body maintain the state of being very humble, merciful, weak and low, then the white power, radiated and broadcasted, will return to your body and mind— the dark power—and the unchanged Te power will become infinite……You should master the skill of recycling your broadcast power back to your mind and body, which stays low and humble.”
  5. I want to post one more set of lines, so that my fascination with this interpretation, and how it reminds me of Jeff's work, is more obvious. But maybe first I should say something else about Master Liao's version of the Tao Te Ching. Liao (also the author of The Tai Chi Classics) claims to have been taught the accompanying oral tradition of the TTC by his teachers, so claims to understand more of LZ's original intent. He writes in the foreword, that most written materials about the Tao Te Ching interpret it incorrectly. “They speak as if the text were merely a primer on moral philosophy. The true title conveys that this is a book about the Infinite Power outside, surrounding and penetrating all things—Tao, and the portion of that power that resides in each human being—Te. The full title “Tao Te Ching” implies that the words inside will reveal how to connect Tao and Te, or that part of God within us to the greater whole of Infinity.” Liao’s intention is to make clear the true teaching contained in the oldest written instruction of mysticism—but the true teaching is only fully explained by the accompanying oral tradition. I bolded “How” above for emphasis… Liao says the TTC is actually an instruction manual for how!
  6. When I first read the TTC, I didn't feel I understood hardly any of it. But after I read Waysun Liao's version in his book, Nine Nights with the Taoist Master, I began to feel I had a bit of handle on it, and this chapter especially stood out. I wrote all over the book on those pages! Liao translates the first two lines: "Always aware that there is the male-like force, yet hold on to the female-like force, as the stream to the world. Like the stream to the world, then the Te will not depart, and one becomes as if an infant again." Then in the body of the book Liao expands the meaning by embedding LaoTzu's words in a simple story, so as to clarify the sparse text translation of the chapter. So: After the energy of the mind and body become as the stream/world, the life energy becomes as if it were the life energy of an infant again. May not be what LZ actually intended, but has much more meaning for me, and drew me into comparing other versions with Liao's, by giving me some place solid to refer from...
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