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    Staying in touch with the Great Silence. Being in Nature. Singing, composing, improvising. Connecting in truth and love. Discovering truth.

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  1. spiriteagle

    On Tonglen...

    Very interesting and powerful, thank you for sharing Jeff
  2. Thanks for sharing Matt, and for your honesty
  3. spiriteagle


    happy for you. Feeling that I really honor your openness to healing, and the power it can bring. Seeing you free. Many blessings
  4. Really beautiful images Mahasweta. Thank you for sharing about your process with them. Can feel the love and silence and power in them. I especially like Noor.
  5. Thank you for this. I love Sandra's work and receive and always read her newsletter which is an inspiration.
  6. thanks for sharing your journey Running, really enjoyed reading your posts. Lovely to see the different landscapes. Loved the quartz by the water, very powerful. Mother nature, so many magical gifts.....
  7. I have just heard about this group meditation on February 1st and I think it's important. Please join if you can, the power of concentrated prayer and meditation is palpable, as I am sure we all know. On February 1, 2106, millions of people will participate in one of the largest and most important synchronized meditations in history. James Twyman, who has been called the Peace Troubadour, will walk into a Syrian village, within eyesight of ISIS, along with leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and a local Druze leader, to sing prayers of peace while millions of people "Pulse" the region with harmonic energy. Please join us. Go to to register, and we will send the exact time of the vigil on January 31st. Watch the video:
  8. Very beautiful dear Earthlove. So wonderful to see your lovely painting of teh Mountain spirit that called to me.
  9. Very interesting Jeff, Thank you. Very beautiful Qibrush, thank you for sharing
  10. Hi everyone, I have just updated my profile, and added an 'About me' section, which includes the story of why I chose my name - spiriteagle - I can't seem to see if it has uploaded or not. Hope it has.
  11. getting a bit confused with the quoting business! Last night I had the awareness that part of Christ's message to me in this dream space I had of him, was the message that it is possible for me to come through my own time of trial and confrontation with the Devil.
  12. Thank you for sharing your experience dear Earthlove. I also had a desert experience with Jesus, a number of years ago. It was just before waking for me, but it was a lucid experience. He was approaching me across a desert. It was the end of Lent, Jesus's time in the wilderness. He came up to me and took my hands, and his eyes were shining. He said to me 'I have good news for you and all humanity'. I woke up with his face in my eyes and my heart full, and I was reminded of a vision I had had about ten years beforehand, where Jesus took my hands and looked at me with Love, and at the same time a small blonde child was washed in a waterfall of grace. I saw the child as myself / my spirit, but then when my dearest neice was born in 2007, I saw how like the vision she looks. It is beautiful to rememember all this now and I feel the cool, clear water of grace.
  13. Hi Jeff, Where are you quoting from here? I am very interested in the line Why do I call collecting one's thoughts the precepts'. The precepts came to me last night in meditation as personally important. This is a very interesting angle / addition to the basic five that I know.
  14. Yes, interesting. I didn't think of that when I sent you that song to the Mother, this morning. I also see God as all, both and neither sex, gender, but often sing to the divine feminine and have strong connection to beings such as Isis and Kwan Yin, and the great Tara, found in so many cultures.
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