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  1. Hi all and thank you for the lovely welcomes :-) I only noticed now that my post got approved. Not sure how long it'll take for this one to go through, but time being but an illusion, I giess it doesn't really matter :-)
  2. Hi all another TDB'er here. I'm "Soaring Crane" over there, and in real life, I'm William (my American friends call me Willie, but here in Germany, they call me William, which I never liked, but I've got used to it over the 20 years I've been living here). The name I chose for this forum, Fanhuangong (actually Ba Fan Huan Gong) is a Qigong form that I've practiced for many years, and that I teach in a couple groups. It was brought to us by Prof. Cong, Yong-Chun and purportedly goes back to the Quanzhen school of Daoism, but the roots of the exercises are possibly much older. There are poems that accompany each movement and they reference known figures from the eastern Han Dynasty, around the time Jesus was alive. Those deep roots come to me when I go through the movements and I get visions of and inspiration from the many generations of practitioners. My favorite place to be and to meditate is outside, connected to nature, and as soon as I finish writing this, I'm going off to the woods with my dog for a few hours :-) I love being in Germany (not the country, per se, but the geographical location). There are very, very old energies here, and deep, deep roots. When I go off in the woods, I'll be walking on ground that druids walked on, and stepping over the remains of celtic ring walls. I'm never alone, so to speak :-) Xie xie William
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