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  1. Types of gods

    It is very humbling for me to realize that the Sun will still rise even if I believe it orbits the Earth. It is a source of accomplishment for me to feel that I understand more clearly how the universe, and all things within it, and "above" it, works. It is a source of motivation for me to realize that what I believed I understood yesterday is not (quite) right, and so I will try again, in order to better understand. But really, the shock never wears off when I realize that all that really matters is that I stop fogging up my glasses with theories, predictions, beliefs, and assumptions, take them off, and just watch the sunrise… …And I am overcome with awe to discover the sun rising within.
  2. Welcome To The Living Unbound Community!

    Thank you, Sudeep, running, Mahasweta!
  3. Welcome To The Living Unbound Community!

    Hi Karen, thank you for the welcome. I'm sorry I didn't talk to you last night in chat, I was meeting Jeff.
  4. Welcome To The Living Unbound Community!

    Hello, I'm James. I ran into Jeff recently and he suggested this site to me. I started meditating when I was 5. Had to stop when I was 16. Started again 15 years ago. It took me the intervening 30 years to make sense of what happened... :-) I put the rest in my "About Me" on my profile.