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  1. Welcome To The Living Unbound Community!

    Hi everyone! I recently reached out to Carson and Jeff, and was invited here. I've made friends on Facebook with a number of members here as well. I actually signed up a number of weeks ago having found the place in a link on Doug's AYP profile (I think). I grew up devout Catholic, drifted away from that into an eclectic belief system over time. 5 years ago met my current wife and started a process of experiential spiritual awakening. In the last 2 years that has included spontaneous visionary experiences, multiple astral projections, etc. In the last 2 months or so I found AYP and the writings of Yogani, and for about 6 weeks now I have been doing twice daily SBP and DM practice, with siddhasana and sometimes various mudras and bandhas. Tried Samyama for about a week then backed off thinking I was adding things too fast, etc. I post under the same name over there, technoyogi... I've got a dream that parrots what the Dalai Lama has called for, namely that technology can be used to help wake us up instead of destroy us as seems to be the trajectory currently. Toward that end, trying to fully wake up myself, and here is a FB page I started as well (mods feel free to delete if linking is a no no)... Seems to me that meditation itself is really a type of powerful technology, even if it is ancient... so maybe it can be upgraded a bit... That's it for now, otherwise just looking forward to learning from everyone here and helping out where I can