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  1. the moral case for bliss

    thank you jonesboy!
  2. everybody has an idea of how they want the world to be. everybody has an idea of how they want people around them to be. everybody has an idea of how God is on their side. may i suggest that this self rightiousness is about control? may i suggest control is the contributing factor of conflict? may i suggest bliss is liberty? the nature of bliss is joy. everybody is searching for their happiness. usually by ways of CONFLICT. im not suggesting from my view to not. im suggesting that if everbody acknolwedged that history rhymes, and took it upon themselves to spend some time going towards the source. the source being bliss. opening themselved up to their own source of joy. bliss is experienced as a joyful feeling all over the body and in the mind by ones own nervous system. not by synthetic means such as drugs and alcohol. but by opening up to spirit where she as in shakti activates the nervous system naturally expresssing herself as joy. in the beginning one may get glimpses of the experience. here and there. over time it could go beyond that. where one becomes a living of experince with the divine aspect of bliss. for eons people have used techniques to open up to it. such as meditation. yoga. pranayama. trance. sound. and many more. it in my view is a test and tune thing. locating what works for the individual to open up to its grace. good luck to those whom give it a shot one day!
  3. Any new topics?

    for me it seems there becomes less and less discrimination from an energy perspective. for example it may have before felt like turbulance of thoughts and emotions when around particular things. later in the process it becomes less and less. the same can be about oneself. earlier in the process ones own beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, emotions can be like turbulance. later none of the above not as much. the teaching from the energy is in complete acceptance from that energetic component. naturally you become from the minds perspective more tollerant to what is. because the energrtic component is completely tolerant at that higher level. she is the teacher. one can look at like a new freedom of more self acceptance. and or used as acceptance of others. that i believe is the function of the nondual energetic component. the truth of it all could very well just be that everything really is a dream and we are all just actors in the cosmos. there is a freedom in that. but a lot lost. cause there is so much death to the ego to realise it was all a game we played upon ourselves.
  4. Mother Earth

    In my experience so much revolves around mother earth. I remember when I began my journey it became my sanctuary. I could guess that a great deal of my growth revolved around her in so many ways. Being with her for me felt like being with a mother. For me when I started my meditations it was more about going back in time than anything else. Remembering a profound love and trust for her. A kind of worship I suppose. For the first couple of years I spent sleeping outside with her and her elements. Even in the rain a time or two. I had an incredible tree with large leaves that protected me. In the night I would sleep with her in a loving relationship. She surrounded me in her energy and we built a wonderful relationship together. I could say she is a mother to me. All of her elements I became to recognize and the power that they hold. She is a very powerful being with many personalities about her. Her wind would take me away. I began to go on trips with the wind and storms at night. I wished for them to visit and take me away. My friend the wind and its storms became to be a friend and a protector to me. A lot of strange things happen I feel during the awakening process. I felt to become up for grabs to things. Some of which didn't seem friendly. The wind would literally kind of mock them and whisk me away in its power. The storms talk and guide me at times. Their sheer power and ability to help me I became in awe of. And still am. They still come and visit. They and I get excited when ever we have the chance. As the wind blows I can feel it inside me. As the storms come I can feel them inside me. As the fog comes, clouds, sun, I feel them inside me. I grow from their visits. The storms having the most personality and power. Sometimes they will yank me out of my body and take me with them. A ride through the sky's. I come back full of power. Full of their power. Other times I just take in their energy. Feeling their essence with me, stretching me, and so on. Its very powerful. I love them with all of who I am, my heart and soul. I feel very lucky to have a relationship with them. I hope that others get to know them to.
  5. Mother Earth

    continued went for a run when i was near kingman on some dirt roads. everywhere was quartz here and there. i think thats also where the power is coming from. tons of quartz in the earth. brought a few rocks home and my girlfriend picked up on it to. lot of power in those rocks to the both of us.
  6. Mother Earth

    your welcome!
  7. Mother Earth

    not the best of pictures. havent been here in forever it seems. which inspired me to continue this thread. Mississippi. land of trees. feels sorta a gentle power. not here much so i cant say for sure.
  8. Mother Earth

    Arizona has a lot of power. I especially like it just east of kingman. Whenever there is some red in the earth it seems to have an extra kick to it. this is defenetely one of my favorite spots overall.
  9. Trying to remember stuff that helped me during my journey. In the context of the experience they were helpful. Every day is an adventure. From a channeling experience The shortest point between two places is a straight line. From a channeling experience Its all a melting pot. From a channeling experience Its all ornaments and decorations. From a dream What ever it is just let it be. From my second chakra. Felt like Atlantis or it said so. Can't remember now. With every breath I take. From my intuition regarding growth
  10. the further you go the subtler the energies get. old message remembered.
  11. Mother Earth

    waking up this morning in deming new mexico was wonderful! i dont have the words to describe the energetic component there that drives one deeper into the divine. wish i did.
  12. Me and My Journey

    welcome! and thanx for sharing ur story!
  13. you cant judge a book by its cover. old message just remembered.
  14. Mother Earth

    California Lake Naciemento. 96% full.
  15. Mother Earth

    back again to big falls and a gorgeous lake.
  16. Not rocket science.

    Not rocket science. But then again most people regardless of education level seem to have some difficulties in understanding the simple that makes it work. I spent a year in a multimillion dollar corporation managing a division of the company. There sat at my desk thousands of dollars worth of marketing material. Material that the elite within the company thought did not work. Was a waste of money. That should be thrown out. I spent everyday reading the material the time i was there. Digesting it a little more every time i read it. Many times over. Attempting to use the material. Putting a piece of it through the chain of command. By the time i got it through the changes forced upon it made it ineffective. After a year of beating my head against the wall i quit to start my own business with what i learned that others seem to not get. They believed in me and i respected them but it was time to go. I dropped a few grand on a cheap note book full of marketing material and information to get what makes a business work. I can guarantee most anybody that saw it thought it a ridiculous investment. Everybody i knew had no understanding of how i was going to walk into a town i never lived in, start a business knowing two people there, and make it happen. First insert out in a small local paper. Became booked six weeks out. Did trade outs for everything i could. Got an incredible piece together for a major paper to go out. First insert out became the envy of the town in my field. Became to find out what it was to make real money. Money i only dreamed of. But this was real. It wasn't me. I did nothing. All i did was have an open mind to understand what was about it that made it work. Or at least enough patience and faith to read it enough times for it to finally click. Listen to nobody that stood in my way. Put myself first in what i knew to work and be true. Fought with every news paper rep, yellow book rep, to get what i knew to work written down in my inserts and or ad. Fought like hell. And they got it. The ones that saw my success. Everything i learned completely transferred over to my next mission. My spiritual journey. Gave away the business but took my knowledge with me. To truck drive my way to inner freedom. I feel very lucky! So for those that are overworked, underpayed. No longer have time to be a parent do to endless hours of work. I think there may be some hope coming. Not sure. But i do know unless you know the problem u cant fix it. Unless you care about something u cant fix it. I will be posting things that may be helping the people whom work so hard.
  17. Not rocket science.

    as a vet thank you for all the kind words, support, respect, and love you have shown for us. from campaign to this day.
  18. Not rocket science.

    Private Health Care Program for Vets Extended President Donald Trump has signed a bill extending a program that lets veterans seek medical care in the private sector. April 19, 2017, at 3:16 p.m. MORE President Donald Trump holds up the Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act that he signed on Wednesday. (SUSAN WALSH/AP PHOTO) By DARLENE SUPERVILLE, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump signed a bill Wednesday to temporarily extend a program that lets some veterans seek medical care in the private sector, part of an effort by the president to deliver on a campaign promise. The extension will give Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin time to develop a more comprehensive plan to allow veterans to more easily go outside the VA health system for care. Under the bill Trump signed into law, the VA will be allowed to continue operating its Choice Program until the funding runs out, which is expected early next year. The program was scheduled to expire on Aug. 7 with nearly $1 billion left over. [OPINION: Don't Be Too Quick to Celebrate Bill O'Reilly's Ouster From Fox News] Trump said veterans have "not been taken care of properly" and that the program will continue to be able to see "the doctor of their choice." "You got it? The doctor of their choice," he repeated for emphasis. Shulkin, who attended the bill signing, has said the money is needed to pay for stopgap services while he works on the longer-term plan. He said Wednesday that the plan is due in the fall. Congress would have to approve any changes to the VA health system. Shulkin said the extension is important because it gives veterans another avenue for care. "It's this approach where veterans can get care wherever they need it that really is the way that we're going to address all the needs and honor our commitments to our veterans," he said after Trump signed the bill. The Choice Program was put in place after a 2014 scandal in which as many as 40 veterans died while waiting months to be scheduled for appointments at the Phoenix VA medical center. The program is intended to provide more timely care by allowing veterans to go outside the VA network only in cases where they had to wait more than 30 days for an appointment or drive more than 40 miles to a facility. Yet the program itself often encountered long wait times of its own. The new law also calls for changes to alleviate some problems by speeding up VA payments and promoting greater sharing of medical records. Major veterans' organizations and Democrats support a temporary extension of the Choice Program, but are closely watching the coming VA revamp of the program for signs that the Trump administration may seek greater privatization. Those groups generally oppose privatization as a threat to the viability of VA medical centers. Trump had pledged during the presidential campaign to give veterans freedom to seek care "at a private service provider of their own choice." Mark Lucas, executive director of Concerned Veterans for America, commended Trump for upholding a campaign promise to make veterans a priority, but said more needed to be done. Lucas said the Choice Program was a well-intentioned "quick fix" to the Phoenix scandal, but that it remains flawed and has forced too many veterans to seek care at what he termed failing VA facilities. "Congress now has some time to work with Secretary Shulkin on broader, more permanent choice reforms that will truly put the veteran at the center of their health care and remove VA bureaucrats as the middlemen," Lucas said. "We look forward to supporting legislation that will let veterans go outside the VA for care when they want or need to." Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said more than 1 million veterans have made 7 million appointments with health care providers in their communities under the Choice Program. He said those appointments would have otherwise "lagged" in the VA scheduling system. More than 1 million out of 9 million veterans in the VA system use some Choice care, with agency data pointing to even greater use this year. McCain, a Navy veteran, said the extension "sends an important message that we will not send our veterans back to the status quo of unending wait-times for appointments and substandard care." He said more work is needed, but called the legislation "an important first step." Shulkin has said he would like to expand veterans' access to private care by eliminating the Choice Program's current 30-day, 40-mile restrictions. At the same time, he wants the VA to work in partnership by handling all the scheduling and "customer service," something that congressional auditors say could be unwieldy and expensive. ___ Associated Press writer Hope Yen contributed to this report. ___ Follow Darlene Superville on Twitter: Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Trumps Signs Bill Extending VA Care AP
  19. Not rocket science.

    Sunday, May 14, 2017 Manufacturing openings, hires rise to highest levels of the recovery by Joseph Lawler | May 9, 2017, 10:13 AM Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Email this article Share on LinkedIn Trump vows to bring back U.S. manufacturing jobs Reuters 00:0000:52 Job creation in manufacturing accelerated to start the spring, as both job vacancies and hires hit the highest marks of the recovery. Manufacturing job openings rose to 394,000 in March, the Department of Labor reported Tuesday, matching the highest level since April of 2006. And actual hiring in the manufacturing sector jumped to 322,000, a level not seen since the early months of the recession, when manufacturing hiring fell off a cliff. Monthly hires were up nearly a quarter since last March. Tuesday's report includes figures The good news about manufacturing came in the agency's release of the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, which contained other encouraging data as well. Overall job openings edged up from 5.68 million to 5.74 million in March, according to the report, in line with expectations The ratio of unemployed workers for each job opening, an important metric of labor market health, fell to 1.25, the lowest since January of 2001. During the worst of the recession, there were more than six unemployed workers for each advertised job, a sign of how hard jobs were to find for people who were laid off. Tuesday's report includes figures about gross job creation, hiring, and layoffs that are not available in the monthly jobs report. The high level of detail makes it valuable to government officials and investors, even though it is released on a lag of month from the more widely noted jobs report. The news will be welcome to the Trump administration. President Trump has prioritized manufacturing jobs. In the first month of his tenure, he launched a manufacturing jobs initiative involving business CEOs, and last month he signed a "Buy American, Hire American" executive order intended to promote U.S. manufacturers. Unemployment Economy Joseph Lawler Labor Jobs News Politics Share with friends.
  20. Not rocket science.

    Thank you for knowing what the american worker needs to succeed, and put grocerys on the table. Not rocket science. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump China just agreed that the U.S. will be allowed to sell beef, and other major products, into China once again. This is REAL news!
  21. did some crown work the other day. gonna start working that area more often. got a little info going on. message about how each person has their own reality. if i understood it right.
  22. Mother Earth

    we got some power at the sand dunes recently. had a great time getting out there without airing down. i hate having to air my tires back up. so kept the rpms up while making our journey.
  23. Mother Earth

    sound like bombs were landing last night the thunder and lightening were so intense. lots of shakti from Texas storms last night. feeling lucky!
  24. im sorry i missed this. i dont know? my girlfriend whom is a lot more intuitive than me thinks it is from being a native american in that area. she also saw me as a shaman giving and taking some kind of herb to people for visions in the sierras. so she could be right.