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  1. A Practice Diary

    Hi Liz, I'm enjoying reading about your journey. Many things you describe are felt here also. Your spirit of adventure and independence is very cool. Could you please elaborate a little about your experience with the Presence Process…ie How you got started, how long it took, what lessons learned. Have you checked out "solar blue water" I'm loving it. Peace, Love, Happiness. Guy
  2. Is This Flawed Logic?

    Liz, I am 100% in agreement with you. Bias and predjudice started billions of years ago. Blessed are thee who shine light in dark corners. Please know...I take strength in your flashlight. You go sister. Guy
  3. Tao Te Ching - Discussion

    See it's form in the glare. Nice
  4. Hi Liz, Yes I am very interested. Please keep me in mind when things start to jell. Thanks, Guy