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  1. One of Jesus' BIG practices was going off in solitude...getting away to pray and get away from not just the crowds, but his own buddies and loved ones...his students. This would indicate the importance to refresh, renew and rejuvenate ourselves....often. I remember after the Sermon on the Mount or was it after the miracle of multipying the loves and fish...OR is that the same day? I laugh at myself not remembering... He said afterwards, basically...Get me outta here...and they quickly got on the boat. To, then, do what?...Fall asleep.....during a storm! He makes me do the disciples' antics.
  2. Would anyone mind if I picked this up again? I can put a quote...maybe someone would like to comment? If no one is around I may just place another and another! The Holy Spirit dispels it simply through the calm recognition that it has never been. T239 This, of course, always makes me laugh! Gotta love ACIM.
  3. Thank you, Tom for writing all this and for the link. Still exploring around here. Miss Hepburn
  4. A Practice Diary

    I can't add anything, but wanted to tell you I am here reading all your posts, Liz. Thank you! Miss Hepburn
  5. Welcome To The Living Unbound Community!

    Well, thank you TOM! for knowing that my name is MissHepburn and Elaine was just a temporary thing bec I was so dense and couldn't register with that space between my name! I will answer to both, of course! Thank you all. starting out humbly bec I am so slow to figure out what the problem was! I
  6. Not From The Books

    Hi running, I figured you were the same running... Still feeling my way around here...very nice people here I must admit!! xxoo Miss Hepburn You ask for experiences not from books ...and I am falling into Jesus' communications from the Other Side...not the Bible! First was the James E, Padget Messages mainly promoting seeking our Father's Divine Love... Then later finding out a book I started ended up actually being about Jesus' messages again! Haha ('The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard) that then lead me to get involved with ACIM! ACIM or A Course in Miracles! ...all dictated by Jesus!! Who woulda thought!
  7. Welcome To The Living Unbound Community!

    Ah, just found this section...learning about this place. Before I say much I think I will see if my posts are approved... It is a good spam/security system. Elaine or Miss Hepburn.... Will get help with changing that later... I understand the secret now! I tried and tried....I am to leave no spaces...dah!'s just I am known all over as Miss Hepburn so it might be better for old acquaintances to keep that name. Thank you. I have posted 'too quickly' so this will not post....ok...I will get some coffee and see... another good spam deterrent.
  8. Sufism - The Inner Technology Of Islam

    Hi Doug, I know I could look this up...but would you explain what you know is the difference between Sufism and Sikhism? I thought Hafiz was Sikh...but it says he was a Sufi. Thanks Elaine/ Miss Hepburn
  9. Not From The Books

    Hi running, I also have asked this in forums...Has anyone had a direct experience with Jesus? Why? Because I have not! Ha! I know someone whose life changed and she became a nun, many times actually, haha. She was praying in a Catholic church and he simply appeared and hugged her. That would certainly change MY life! I am not a Christian...according to the Nicene Council...but love and follow Jesus' instructions... what we have of them! Elaine or Miss Hepburn...maybe I can get it changed to MissHepburn, no space ...I entered it wrong and it would not let me use my usual name. Now I get it!
  10. What instrument through last night's silence rang? My life into his lay the minstrel wove, And filled my brain with the sweet song he sang. It was the proclamation of thy love That shook the strings of Life's most secret lyre, And still my breast heaves with last night's desire, For countless echoes from that music sprang.
  11. Angry Jesus?

    If I may ...I have never had any issue with Jesus' anger...(if he even had any..sorry, if this insults anyone...but, I believe so much has been altered...and if this were a Christian site I would never offend anyone saying that!) 'We' are the ones that have an issue understanding what anger is. How I see it is Jesus has no obligation to be loving to the money changers in the Temple. Loving doesn't mean or being 'enlightened or awakened' doesn't mean to never show anger or impatience...that is, sorry, a concept that being awakened or holy must be syrupy sweet. actually doesn't. Jesus, as I see it, had no obligation to be kind to the thieves in his Father's House! His love and allegience was towards his Father and truth! Not the ego/satan/evil in those money changers! He was a good son to his Father. Another perspective on that scene...(that I read, just a couple weeks ago, didn't even take place...sorry....I have no idea what happened, ha! But, I was surprised to read it was added in by others.) #3 post before being approved.
  12. Angry Jesus?

    There is a very telling example of Jesus' 'exasperation' I love to remind people about. And, remember the takes place in front of a crowd! Picture it...he has just taken Peter, James and John up a path and shows them ''his true self'... that he is pure light (Mark 17?). He immediately afterwards comes down to find a crowd upset that his disciples can not heal a young man! What does Jesus say?...How long must I suffer you guys! Notice, no quote marks, ha! He becomes impatient with his disciples and then proceeds to explain how some are to be healed and heals the boy. He didn't say it sweetly, I do not believe. Maybe Jefff can lay out the scene better.
  13. Hi, Loving this thread. Was excited when I saw Nancy's post about the Inner eye and Inner sound... Also, did you all know (!) drumroll....that Thomas came back and speaks in the book "The Disappearance of the Universe" !! ? Very exciting stuff, by Gary Renard. About 30 pages in, of 400, I was happily surprised to find out after some 'hinting' about 'a spiritual document ' that is a 'metaphysical masterpiece' ,pg. 15...they are referring to A Course In Miracles! The whole book is about ACIM! Don't know if this post (or the 19 others) I need to make will pass the mustard but, I was invited here and already know people. I could not register as Miss the only other name I use when I can not is Elaine (Bennis). I do see now what my mistake may have been I could have if I left no space...MissHepburn. Oh well...maybe the Admin can help me change that ...I am not into deception...I like remaining Miss people know me. I'm going to start posting to be able to be accepted. thanks Miss Hepburn/Elaine
  14. India

    I need to post my first post...I want to get a return in my email...I chose India. If someone would say Hi and welcome me here that would do it. I'm liking this place so far.