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  1. These are good ones you have posted, Mahasweta, they made me smile! Thank you!
  2. Very True EK, some are more effective than others! Absolutely, Jeff, THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INTELLECTUAL UNDERSTANDING AND REALIZATION. With Peace and Goodwill.
  3. Yes, what no eye has seen refers to the divine eye/third eye (divine light in kutashta) No ear has heard is the internal sounds and there is several that can be heard when one is turned inward. What no hand has touched is the energy flows (prana) what has never occurred to the human mind....... stillness..... the cessation of all thoughts, nothing arises nor passes away. Of course he may be referring to the states of samadhi . Also, may infer Oneness, (nonduality). which must be realized in the deeper states of sadhana. One must practice some form of meditation in order to gain knowledge and realization of nonduality. Reading books on nonduality does not bring realization to the human mind.
  4. Here is the link for the poem entitled "I AM NOT WHAT YOU THINK I AM".
  5. I don't understand why a "saint" or a spiritually advanced person would want to harm another or why Mr. X would become insulted by your support of Lotus Sutra. Why did he become angry? Obviously Mr. X failed to transcend / transform / unbind from his own issues, desires, jealousy, anger, pride, (whatever emotional baggage he has). All one can do is wish others well and to have peace (inner peace) and happiness. I am sure when you smiled and bade them goodbye you were wishing them peace and goodwill. Riju, thank you for sharing this portion of your life's journey!
  6. "Everything we do as human beings stems from a selfish desire." Indeed this is a true statement. All one needs to do is reflect upon what desire/intention lies behind actions. Usually we find there is something we want and desire that is driven by selfishness....... the self-centered, all encompassing "I" or also called "the ego".
  7. Congratulations, Riju, on your entering the Bodhisattva stage. Has the peace and happiness while in the ego world remained throughout the day?
  8. True, Riju, our ego world does feel negativity and positivity of actions and as an effect it feels pain and happiness. Would you say it is the coming together of causes and conditions within the ego world which gives rise to the variety of emotions experienced? What a wonderful result...... TOTAL PEACE AND HAPPINESS, Thank you for sharing! _/\_
  9. nancy

    Divine Beings Exist...

    As one's clarity increases it is possible to directly share presence and receive transmissions from such beings. To communicate with such beings, one must begin to step beyond the limited perspective of local body-mind and notice the subtle and luminous aspects of pure manifestation (light). Agree, and true, from my own direct experience of which I have shared with you privately. Beyond the pure white light is something that IS OMNIPRESENT, ENDURING, INDESTRUCTIBLE. _/\_ Or as described by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu... To receive this type of transmission, it is therefore necessary to have the capacity to perceive the subtle dimension of light... To have contact with this pure dimension one needs to develop one's innate clarity to the highest degree, and to purify the obstacles of karma and of ignorance. - Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State
  10. "All facets of brain and mind have their purpose and should not be despised." Agree, embrace it all.
  11. There is several translations of the Yoga Sutras. All one needs to do is search online to find this is true. While the translation and commentary on Swami J's website is clear I also wanted to share another version that also is clear and to the point. Here is the link to the pdf. Chip Hartranft The Yoga-Sutra Of Patanjali
  12. nancy

    For Bon Fans...

    Hi Chas, Thank you for sharing your experience and perspective!
  13. Thank you for sharing this Shweta! Very true ! Introspection or turning inward is where the answers can be found as to why we feel a certain way and to get to the root of attachments or aversions. once found and recognized we can start to let go. Much Peace and Goodwill, _/\_
  14. Hi Shweta, Nice approach to have...... be open minded..... willing to listen to what others have to say without accepting or rejecting or passing judgment. Don't "buy into' anything until you experience it for yourself. Thank you!
  15. nancy

    For Bon Fans...

    Hi Jeff, Fascinating...... but how do we know for sure that this can be done? We don't. These are all mere words of a teacher, another human being who may or may not be truthful. One key point about Buddhism is to question everything and not accept what someone tells you or to follow something in blind faith. Supposedly, Gautama, the Buddha encouraged his followers not to accept the words of anyone, himself included, until you have examined for yourself whether or not it is true. So in this instance it looks as though one would need to witness for their self the actual manifestation of this as it is occurring or learn and practice Dzogchen (The Great Perfection).
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