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  1. Slow Or Fast

    Hi Riju, I hope you're keeping well.
  2. I don't know if they actually get to Nirvana first like an Arhat. The Bodhisattva puts off Nirvana for the sake of bringing others along as well.
  3. From what I have read a Bodhisattva is still not free compared to an Arhat who has attained Nirvana. A Bodhisattva puts off their enlightenment for the sake to help others.
  4. Confession

    Maybe respected by a community, but not very advanced in my view if he decided to try and kill you through mantras.
  5. Confession

    What is your favorite passage in the Lotus Sutra?
  6. Settling The Mind In Its Natural State

    I agree, its all it.
  7. What Is Shaktipat...?

    Do you have to work through your own karma or can others take it away from you in regards to true shaktipat as you call it? For me, shaktipat is just a psychic energy transfer that can have both positive and negative consequences depending on who does the giving.
  8. What Is Shaktipat...?

    I'm wondering if negative entities could give Shakipat?
  9. What Is Shaktipat...?

    He does not have a tradition. At that time I was interested in Zen and shared some techniques that seemed to help. I'm not sure if he received Shaktipat but he was frequented by other worldly beings which in the end contributed to his hospitalization in both his and my mind.
  10. What Is Shaktipat...?

    Jeff, my friend was diagnosed a schizophrenic. I believe he went through a kundalini episode that resulted in this, but that is entirely debatable, as with my own experience.
  11. The True Master - Dhammapada

    True, but... Does one not feel...? Does one not think...? Does one not know...? I think it was taken the wrong way. I should have said - Nothing needs to be understood. Nothing needs to be felt. Nothing needs to be thought about.
  12. What Is Shaktipat...?

  13. Egoless and ego are the same thing, there cannot be a distinction if form is void and void is form.