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  1. It is almost impossible for any one to believe that I am Kalki and have gone beyond Buddhas. I am out to clean this earth and 26th plane of evilness. I do not require any help. Nor can anyone help me in this process. There is also no need for teaching this process. This is a process of action as well as blessings. 1. I have been in action since 1992 and sincerely. 2. I had the blessings of EMPTINESS. This Emptiness is beyond that of Guatam Buddha. The Emptiness of Buddha was a certain sort of fullness compared to my Emptiness. My Emptiness is nearer to ABSOLUTE GOD compared to Emptiness of Guatam Buddha'. YES, I HAVE BEEN GROWING IN MY EVOLUTION AND KALKINESS IN ME HAS BEEN EXPANDING.
  2. It is very nice to see and feel that health and personal peace and prosperity is improving. But Kalki's role has to be at world level also. How much time will it require to see the changes at world level? Will it be in next 10 years ? I really do not know? Till then suspense remains;
  3. This 82 year old body has become very important for Kalki process to move forward for the benefit of whole humanity on earth. And if this body cannot cope with the requirement, then it should be changed without losing any time for rebirth. As I observe with time........I find that this body is coping with the requirement. Everyday after the DREAM (almost 2 years back) its health is improving. More and more cosmic veins in the body are clearing and opening. As a result the body is becoming young or agile. I now walk straight without any pains in the movement. The bones are becoming ductile and light in weight. As a result if I fall down there has been no broken bones. It is becoming clear in meditation........That when huge cosmic energies are flowing through my body .........the universe as a result is improving. And if the excess flow of cosmic energies is getting obstructed in my body than I feel the pain of obstruction. As a result I meditate to increase the Jhanna at that spot. My body also requires physical movement so that I can collect cosmic energies from different surrounding and I am becoming capable for that..
  4. In april 1952 , my body was selected by a STAR soul and taken over. And from there the process of Kalki started. I think I am by now fully dissolved in Kalki. As a first step my memory and logic improved and I became a brilliant student from an average student. This helped me to earn scholarships to study and become a successful multi engineer. Earning also became easy both in jobs and in my industry business. Later on , I grew restless at the age of 50 (1987) and decided to find out purpose of my life. I winded up my life , handed all my assets to my eldest son in 1992 and went inside my body in deep meditation. In 1994 the purpose and the process o Kalki started in my Body. Ist step was growth of Kalki power by increasing Jhannas ,expanding them. I needed Wisdom of Lotus sutra at that time, So simultaneously Wisdom of Lotus sutra grew in me. Now I have realised that " I " of child of 1952 is no more and Kalki remains in this body. Next step should be that this body should become old and I/ Kalki will need a fresh young body to continue HIS work. Lotus sutra and its WISDOM was not the ultimate step. Expanding and Increasing of Jhannas is also not the ultimate step. The Ultimate purpose of Kalki is to grow more Jhannas , so that HE is able to process the EVILNESS/EMOTIONS in the air by RECYCLING and make this cosmic energy useful for CREATIVITY WITH WISDOM. This process is the ultimate process of MAHAPARLAY to end the ERA / YUGA after collected all the fruits of WISDOM . Thus Kalki grows Yuga by Yuga and the evolution proceeds with purpose.
  5. I see many signs (as many as 40 of them) in my earlier present life ) that indicate that I should be a Kalki. Final confirmation will come only if I am able to leave this present body consciously into next selected body. Meanwhile since my DREAM, I have been growing healthier day by day and at present my inner work of cleaning evilness is going on at full capacity of mine.
  6. Two more months have passed since the above conversation. I feel hesitant to express myself and yet there is a need to record my thoughts somewhere in this earth universe. As the days pass, i feel that I am the KALKI AVATAR. And I am the only ONE in this line. I had planned out this life of mine and have followed it. And my life of millions of years is also planned by me and I am going to follow the same. I am the one who has sowed the seed of mahaparlay. I am the one who will reap the fruits of WISDOM from the experiences of whole Yuga of billions of years in the form of JHANNAS in my body. I have been doing this job for many yugas (eras). I come down to the lowest point following the Lotus sutra and with the tool of ONE VEHICLE collect as many JHANNAS in my body as I can. Thus i extend the creation like a beautiful flower. At the end of every era (yuga) I use my JHANNAS to demolish evilness. And also extend the range of JHANNAS for next step in evolution. I am now 82 years old. Probably in coming a few years , I shall leave this body . Another body is getting ready under my guidance ,I will adopt that body and proceed with my work without break and so on so forth. l work through my physical body as the root. In this birth I moved out of a small hole of existence. I was born in Sind ... a part of united India. Now Sind is in Pakistan. I was thrown out of Sind and have been moving all round India. I have now spent most of time in Maharashtra in Pune. My family has now mixed blood of Sind and Maharashtra. My next many years will be in a body from Maharshtra and I will mix my blood with most parts of India from Maharashtra. I am satisfied with the progress in this life and my next course of action is logical for me. It will be very confusing for others who may come to read the above letter.
  7. Jesus followed the line of compassion (taking suffering of others on himself) .As he never told about lotus sutra , and hence I sssume he is one of the great Bhoddisatvas . There are many bhoddisattvas who do not know lotus sutra and hence they could not have the benefit of recirculation. Jesus Himself said that He is son of God (some higher power but less than the ultimate God). I feel that many Kalkis are in operation now and hence the change for better. Most of the kalki need not show up as, they are fully capable in themselves. Their tool is their body. Kalkis improve the enviorment alround and benefit goes to everyone.
  8. The difference between Krishna and Kalki is enormous. Krishna had 16 Kalas (skills. siddhis). One of the most powerful kala was SUDHARSHAN CHAKRA. He had acquired Sudharshan chakra from Gods due to his tapasya (effort) in previous births.With this chakra, he could block the mind of an enemy and destroy the enemy. This chakra was nothing but reserve of cosmic power. By using this chakra Krishna was reducing the reserve of cosmic power in him and hence he used this skill RARELY. Instead by using this chakra he had created a fear in the minds of his enemies. This fear reduced the power of enemies. While each Jhanna a kalki acquires is a source of cosmic energy. A kalki can use this store of cosmic energy for making as many sudharshan chakras as he wants. But his purpose is not to kill a body , as each body is a creation and ultimate GOD (ONE) loves creation . Kalki understands the importance of a creation and he will not destroy a body. Rather he will destroy the evilness in a body of the enemy.
  9. 7th avatar Rama destroyed evilness in Ravana by killing his body with bow and arrow . Because Rama had evolved to the extent where he could kill a person from a distance . 8th avatar Krishna could destroy evilness in Kansa and Kauravas also by killing their bodies. Because he had highly developed intellect . logic and Wisdom and part internal meditation Wisdom (he possessed 16 kalas, and hence he tells in GIta that mind is superior to body and praises YOGIS). 9th Avatar Guatam Buddha brought down the wisdom of LOTUS SUTRA and the TREASURE TOWER ( a source from which limitless cosmic energy can be tapped) on our earth. 10th avatar Kalki gains the ultimate kala of tapping this cosmic energy from TREASURE TOWER. His capacity grows with time and use as he progresses. This capacity grows depending on Jhannas whose size and number grows. Acquiring or growing a JHANNA is a kala (talent). So with time his internal talents (kalas) increase. These Jhannas can only be acquired by fighting an internal war with evilness. A Kalki does not kill a body , he destroys evilness. His tools are Jhannas. And Jhannas can be acquired by experiences gained in field of war. So evil surrounding are a MUST. And till he is ambitious for more kalas , he can not be happy and peaceful. I have written a lot on Jhannas earlier , please read that.
  10. Powers of Kalkis.......... 1. A Kalki is an evolved super human being on 26 th plane in this universe . 2. He gets limitless flow of Cosmic energy due to his mastery in the circulation system of Lotus sutra . This system came down to this plane due to efforts of Guatam Buddha. This flow comes down to Kalki from Treasute Towers described in a chapter from Lotus sutra. 3. This Cosmic energy is capable of fulfilling all his desires and wishes. But their are Limitations. 4. A Kalki very soon comes to know that he has limitless earning power, But he stops spending this energy on earnings due to his WISDOM of Lotus sutra. 5. A Kalki knows that he can remove all his body diseases and sufferings . 6. A Kalki also can extend his age by delaying his death . These limitations come when he tries to acquire things beyond his life to other lives. As other life also has limited cosmic energy and that can not be challanged. 7. So a Kalki cannot be totally happy and peaceful , if his surroundings challange this nature . And hence a Kalki has to spend a lot of his cosmic energy for the benefit of his surroundings. For this a Kalki has to change the surroundings and go to isolation . WISDOM OF LOTUS SUTRA DOES NOT ALLOW THIS ISOLATION....... because isolation will lead to ARHATSHIP and Lotus sutra is against this step'
  11. Dash Avtara is a sanskrit word. It is mentioned in Vedas. One can get details on the internet . It is mostly mentioned as a part of SANATAN HINDU DHARAM. Lotus sutra gives the details of the evolution process that mind cosmic energy goes through over a long period of time. The process crosses Paralays and Mahaparlays. Dash Avtara is the process of evolution that our physical world of 26th plane is following crossing over Parlays and Mahaparlays. Dash in english means 10 (ten). Avatara means birth of GOD (ONE) on our planet to push the evolution one step further.. Following are the ten births 1. Fish in the water......After the birth of GOD in water the life in the form of fish started and expanded. 2. Tortoise........The life moved towards the EARTH from the sea in the form of Tortoise who could live life both on earth as well in water. 3. Boar...............The evoultion of an animal took over the earth when the God descended in the form of Boar. 4.Narsingh..........Half huma and half lion. This was the start of intelligence in the form of memory in the animals and became an important source of survival in animals. 5.Bouna.............A sort of animal in the form of intelligent monkey. Here memory and intelligence both play the part and help in survival. 6. Parshurama.......He is a wild and angry man who is able to use axe (instrument of survival) . 7. Rams..............Whole of Ramayana epic describes this man. Basiclly the evolution survival moves towards duty towards family. 8. Krishna.........Mahabharta and Gita are the source of details. The evolution enlarges the scope from family to kingdoms for survival. 9. Buddhas........Human life moves inwards via meditation and acquires WISDOMS for survival 10. KALKI........Human being moves towards MYSTICAL POWERS in meditation and takes oves the earth. I have written a lot on BUDDAH systems . Now is the time to move over to KALKI process of evolution.
  12. Option 1.............Dao/EMPTINESS is the start and as a result of CAUSE AND EFFECT and EVOLUTION the subsequent product is ONE/GOD. Yes, it is possible Option 2............ONE/GOD is the start and DAO/EMPTINESS is HIS creation. In this case GOD has to be proactive. Down the line many decisions have come and I find no answers. What is the reason behind 32 planes of existence? Why and where the various DHARMAS are introduce in the line of evolution? Some DHARMAS are giving a direction to evolution and some are as result of natural flow to expand and grow? why? Result..........Both options are possible. Guatam Buddh found no answers. His final verdict was the any or both options have no effect on us and hence we should waste no time on this problem. Or probably he found the answers too complicated for us humans to understand and time spent on this question will go waste. I agree with Guatam Buddha. More over KALKI process has opened enormous possibilities for me and keep me very busy.
  13. With my current view Dao/EMPTINESS remain effectively meaningful. ONE/GOD is proactive. HE has a natural tendency to expand and grow , but to start with he is inexperienced. Due to HIS proactivity HE starts with many experiments. One of result of HIS experiment depends upon creation of DAO/EMPTINESS . We belong to this creation. Every word that I have written on EMPTINESS and Lotus sutra stands intact. Earlier I have mentioned at many places that EMPTINESS is not empty . Only that this EMPTINESS is beyond the reach of out senses. (as senses comes out of it) and to understand EMPTINESS one has to become empty of all elements from out body and mind. (I need time and meditation to consider the view of TAO TE CHING before finally giving my opinion. It is an interesting option)
  14. Yes, some use Brahman name, I would rather say that Dao /EMPTINESS is the creation of ONE. In fact DAO emerges from ONE' At human level I will refer to ONE as beyond "universal love" or Bodhisatta in Buddhism. I will refer Bhodisatta or universal love as by-product of DAO/EMPTINESS. So.......Dao/EMPTINESS emerges out of ONE or is the creation of ONE. And Bhoddisatta or universal love emerge out of Dao/ EMPTINESS. i would prefer the word 'DESIRE" rather than "natural flow to expand or grow" at human level.
  15. When it comes to ONE (GOD) , we can replace desire to create t;his universe as a natural flow to expand or grow. I also like these words to replace the desire at that level. But at human level ? I do not know.