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  2. Finally .... There is going to be only one Kalki on this plane. And he has to do an enormous job. It does not seem that he can do this in one birth. He may have to plan to die and take rebirth in a younger and healthier body. As I assume that I am that Kalki and am already old. Surprisingly each day since last one year I have been getting healthier and feeling younger. At the end of 80 years of this life I have learnt to use the circulation system of Lotus sutra only from last one year. Now I am capable of digesting a few drop of water from the sea of cosmic energy . My capacity has to increase . This can only happen when number and capacity of Jhannas in my body continues to grow. I know the enormity and importance of this job. I entertain no other diversions and am continuously on my job.
  3. Very nice that you can feel her and maintain contact. Blessings to you.
  4. Nirmala Mata contact is still going strong even after one week. Earlier Christ and Krishna process could not go beyond 2 to 3 days.
  5. When I follow the Kalki process in meditation, I used to get a lot of personal benefits from the Cosmic energies that I was purifying and storing. Initially I had unconscious deep desires for more wealth, personal luxuries and all important health. Almost all these desires are fulfilled. Now I use the stored Cosmic energies for speeding the process of Kalkihood . Contact with the saint Nirmala Mata was one such effort. Earlier I had a limited success with Christ and Krishna. Today I have the feeling that there is a progress and my existence is very useful and necessary for the cosmic evolution.
  6. I have been studying the life of saint Nirmala Mata (1823-2011). She has been following the same method (Kalki method) on living human beings, She had lakhs of devotees who benefited immensely during her life time and even later.' My finding is that her awareness range was much less than that of Guatam Buddha and that brought out limitations. My awareness goes beyond Guatam Buddha and hence I shall carry out the process of Kalkiness to the extent , where whole earth population is covered, (confirmed also by DREAM}. I have been working on sentients and spirits (the roots of living human beings) . The visible results will come much later and take a lot of time.
  7. surviving and improving. Seems process of Kalkiness has been expanding. Progress in all positive factors in surroundings and in self continue.
  8. My friend, how are you doing? It has been a while. Best, Jeff
  9. The chat link doesn't work.
  10. It is almost impossible for any one to believe that I am Kalki and have gone beyond Buddhas. I am out to clean this earth and 26th plane of evilness. I do not require any help. Nor can anyone help me in this process. There is also no need for teaching this process. This is a process of action as well as blessings. 1. I have been in action since 1992 and sincerely. 2. I had the blessings of EMPTINESS. This Emptiness is beyond that of Guatam Buddha. The Emptiness of Buddha was a certain sort of fullness compared to my Emptiness. My Emptiness is nearer to ABSOLUTE GOD compared to Emptiness of Guatam Buddha'. YES, I HAVE BEEN GROWING IN MY EVOLUTION AND KALKINESS IN ME HAS BEEN EXPANDING.
  11. It is very nice to see and feel that health and personal peace and prosperity is improving. But Kalki's role has to be at world level also. How much time will it require to see the changes at world level? Will it be in next 10 years ? I really do not know? Till then suspense remains;
  12. Very beautiful, Thank you running.
  13. everybody has an idea of how they want the world to be. everybody has an idea of how they want people around them to be. everybody has an idea of how God is on their side. may i suggest that this self rightiousness is about control? may i suggest control is the contributing factor of conflict? may i suggest bliss is liberty? the nature of bliss is joy. everybody is searching for their happiness. usually by ways of CONFLICT. im not suggesting from my view to not. im suggesting that if everbody acknolwedged that history rhymes, and took it upon themselves to spend some time going towards the source. the source being bliss. opening themselved up to their own source of joy. bliss is experienced as a joyful feeling all over the body and in the mind by ones own nervous system. not by synthetic means such as drugs and alcohol. but by opening up to spirit where she as in shakti activates the nervous system naturally expresssing herself as joy. in the beginning one may get glimpses of the experience. here and there. over time it could go beyond that. where one becomes a living of experince with the divine aspect of bliss. for eons people have used techniques to open up to it. such as meditation. yoga. pranayama. trance. sound. and many more. it in my view is a test and tune thing. locating what works for the individual to open up to its grace. good luck to those whom give it a shot one day!
  14. Tom

    Sometimes one feels down

    CHAPTER 26 When one is full of Dao, there is stillness and peace. When one is empty of Dao, there is disorder and unrest. The Sage resides forever in stillness and peace, therefore he is full of Dao. Though there are beautiful things all around him, he remains at one and unattached. When there is disorder and unrest, the Dao is lost; stillness and peace give way to loss of control.
  15. CHAPTER 29 Do you think you can take over the Universe and then improve it? It can never be done. The Universe is sacred, it can never be improved. If you try to change it, you will ruin it. If you try to possess it, you will only lose it. In the Ten Thousand Things, as well as man, one never feels quite the same everyday. So, sometimes things are ahead and sometimes behind. Sometimes breathing becomes difficult, sometimes it is easy. Sometimes there is strength and sometimes there is weakness. Sometimes one feels up and cheerful, but sometimes one feels down. This is natural; for we are all subject to the Heavenly bodies that influence our lives. The Sage experiences these as well as ordinary men, for he is one of the Ten Thousand Things.
  16. Very nice that the health of your body is improving.
  17. This 82 year old body has become very important for Kalki process to move forward for the benefit of whole humanity on earth. And if this body cannot cope with the requirement, then it should be changed without losing any time for rebirth. As I observe with time........I find that this body is coping with the requirement. Everyday after the DREAM (almost 2 years back) its health is improving. More and more cosmic veins in the body are clearing and opening. As a result the body is becoming young or agile. I now walk straight without any pains in the movement. The bones are becoming ductile and light in weight. As a result if I fall down there has been no broken bones. It is becoming clear in meditation........That when huge cosmic energies are flowing through my body .........the universe as a result is improving. And if the excess flow of cosmic energies is getting obstructed in my body than I feel the pain of obstruction. As a result I meditate to increase the Jhanna at that spot. My body also requires physical movement so that I can collect cosmic energies from different surrounding and I am becoming capable for that..
  18. In april 1952 , my body was selected by a STAR soul and taken over. And from there the process of Kalki started. I think I am by now fully dissolved in Kalki. As a first step my memory and logic improved and I became a brilliant student from an average student. This helped me to earn scholarships to study and become a successful multi engineer. Earning also became easy both in jobs and in my industry business. Later on , I grew restless at the age of 50 (1987) and decided to find out purpose of my life. I winded up my life , handed all my assets to my eldest son in 1992 and went inside my body in deep meditation. In 1994 the purpose and the process o Kalki started in my Body. Ist step was growth of Kalki power by increasing Jhannas ,expanding them. I needed Wisdom of Lotus sutra at that time, So simultaneously Wisdom of Lotus sutra grew in me. Now I have realised that " I " of child of 1952 is no more and Kalki remains in this body. Next step should be that this body should become old and I/ Kalki will need a fresh young body to continue HIS work. Lotus sutra and its WISDOM was not the ultimate step. Expanding and Increasing of Jhannas is also not the ultimate step. The Ultimate purpose of Kalki is to grow more Jhannas , so that HE is able to process the EVILNESS/EMOTIONS in the air by RECYCLING and make this cosmic energy useful for CREATIVITY WITH WISDOM. This process is the ultimate process of MAHAPARLAY to end the ERA / YUGA after collected all the fruits of WISDOM . Thus Kalki grows Yuga by Yuga and the evolution proceeds with purpose.
  19. Riju, I hope you are well. It has been a while since we have chatted. Choosing a body (or next body) is not hard. Realizing that bodies themselves are inherently empty is in my opinion a much more important realizations. It is not about having the best body in the video game, but realizing the nature of the video game itself. Even Brahman himself is empty. Best, Jeff
  20. I see many signs (as many as 40 of them) in my earlier present life ) that indicate that I should be a Kalki. Final confirmation will come only if I am able to leave this present body consciously into next selected body. Meanwhile since my DREAM, I have been growing healthier day by day and at present my inner work of cleaning evilness is going on at full capacity of mine.
  21. Two more months have passed since the above conversation. I feel hesitant to express myself and yet there is a need to record my thoughts somewhere in this earth universe. As the days pass, i feel that I am the KALKI AVATAR. And I am the only ONE in this line. I had planned out this life of mine and have followed it. And my life of millions of years is also planned by me and I am going to follow the same. I am the one who has sowed the seed of mahaparlay. I am the one who will reap the fruits of WISDOM from the experiences of whole Yuga of billions of years in the form of JHANNAS in my body. I have been doing this job for many yugas (eras). I come down to the lowest point following the Lotus sutra and with the tool of ONE VEHICLE collect as many JHANNAS in my body as I can. Thus i extend the creation like a beautiful flower. At the end of every era (yuga) I use my JHANNAS to demolish evilness. And also extend the range of JHANNAS for next step in evolution. I am now 82 years old. Probably in coming a few years , I shall leave this body . Another body is getting ready under my guidance ,I will adopt that body and proceed with my work without break and so on so forth. l work through my physical body as the root. In this birth I moved out of a small hole of existence. I was born in Sind ... a part of united India. Now Sind is in Pakistan. I was thrown out of Sind and have been moving all round India. I have now spent most of time in Maharashtra in Pune. My family has now mixed blood of Sind and Maharashtra. My next many years will be in a body from Maharshtra and I will mix my blood with most parts of India from Maharashtra. I am satisfied with the progress in this life and my next course of action is logical for me. It will be very confusing for others who may come to read the above letter.
  22. Significantly, the last Stanza of the second section ends with the declaration that 'this is the initiation that bestows Siva's true nature'. In other words, this realisation, attained through the expanding consciousness of contemplation with the eyes open, initiates the yogi into the liberated state, which is identification with Siva whose body is the universe. In order to attain this expanded state of liberated consciousness, the yogi must find a spiritual guide because the Master (guru) is the means to realisation.23 The Master is for his disciple Siva Himself for it is he who through his initiation, teaching and grace, reveals the secret power of spiritual discipline. Instructing in the purport of scripture he does more than simply explain its meaning: he transmits the realisation it can bestow. The Master is at one with Siva's divine power through which he enlightens his disciple. It is this power that matters and makes the Master a true spiritual guide, just as it was this same power that led the disciple to him in his quest for the path that leads to the tranquility that can only be found 'in the abode beyond mind'. The Master is the ferry that transports the disciple over the ocean of thoughts-if, that is, the disciple is ready. The disciple must be 'awake' (prabuddha), attending carefully to the pulse of consciousness. This alert state of wakefulness is at once the keen sensitivity of insight as well as the receptivity of one who has no other goal to pursue except enlightenment. ..... When such a disciple sits before his Master, all he has to do is to gaze at him and be aware of his elevated state to feel the fragrance (vdsand) of the Master's transcendental consciousness extending spontaneously within him. Abhinava explains: So gracious is he that, by transferring his own nature to those whose consciousness is pure, they became one with him at his [mere] sight. If the disciple does not possess the strength of awareness to allow the Master to infuse this consciousness into him directly in this way while his eyes are open, he is instructed to close them. The Master then bestows upon him a vision of former perfected yogis (siddha) while the disciple is in a state of contemplation with his eyes closed (nimilanasamddhi). Through the vision of these perfected yogis (siddhadarSana)94 he recognises their level of consciousness and so experiences it within himself. The disciple's consciousness thus suddenly expands within him like the violent and rapid spread of poison through the body (bhujarigagaralavat). He thus becomes one with his Master in the unifying bliss of universal consciousness and so, whether his eyes are open or closed, continues to enjoy the same state constantly.
  23. I agree with everything you said, but still have that one question. I don't think you answered my question. When we say Buddha realizes Emptiness, who is the Buddha? Is he the One that came from Dao, or one of the 10,000 that expanded into everything and still expanding? No matter which one in the question above, still it is part of the One that came out of Dao. So, the realization is to Buddha. Does the realization have any significance in the absence of a Buddha, One or even Samsara? Emptiness with just potential without the One and universe seem just not possible from that statement in Sutra. They both exist dependent to each other.
  24. The relation is to show there is no duality, there isn't black and white, male and female, it is all one thing. As you know there isn't prana, kundalini, universal consciousness. It is all the same thing, just depends on ones depth as to how each is perceived. From my understanding and I could be wrong. You have the One, that is where many stop but the One is a limitation as well. A Buddha is one that realizes the emptiness of Universal Reality. Each Buddha is unique based on there own unique matrix of obstructions. There is always a bubble of consciousness that realizes. Going light is a realization of the Dao, emptiness of self is a realization of the Dao. Again it is all stages and the depth of such realizations.
  25. The quote from Lankavatara Sutra says Nirvana is only in relation to Samsara. No Samsara, then no Nirvana. Along the same lines, I came up with the question, emptiness as just void with potential (before the One or manifest reality), cannot be meaningful for anyone. For it to be meaningful, something needs to be there to experienced. Who realizes the Dao or Emptiness? It can't be the Dao realizing the Dao, then it sounds like Brahman. One, universal mind or shiva can self reflect, but Dao can't. If it is the universal mind that realizes the Dao, then Dao has meaning only with respect to the universal mind, right?
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