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Simple Words Of Wisdom...

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"When anyone rests in the natural state without concentration, understanding manifests in that individual's mind, without someone having to teach all the words by which the mind understands these meanings. As this understanding dawns in the mind, all that is non-manifest and all sensory appearances, which in themselves entail no concepts, are seen to be naturally pure. Thus, in an unobstructed way, everything becomes an expression of the supreme unity of emptiness and lucidity."   - The Heaped Jewels


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Thanks for this, Jeff.


In another thread, you and I were discussing the meaning of a passage from A Course In Miracles, which states:


"Reality can dawn only on an unclouded mind. It is always there to be accepted, but its acceptance depends on your willingness to have it."


(ACIM ~T-10.IV.2:1-2)


What you posted above points to exactly the same truth as that passage from ACIM, I would say.


It's all so much simpler than mentally-intensive conditioning can comprehend. Which is why stepping free of mentally-intensive conditioning by resting "in the natural state without concentration" (so that then)  "understanding manifests in that individual's mind" can create such pivotal change for many people - and has, throughout the ages, all over the world.

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