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  1. Mother Earth

    Thanks for the pictures.
  2. New Chat Link

    Hi Lari, Click on the Living unbound Chat tab above and it should link you to the slack account. If that does not work, feel free to send me a pm with your email information and I will have an invite sent. Regards, Jeff
  3. I think you may find Chapter 27 of the Tao Te Ching useful to your point... A good walker leaves no tracks; A good speaker makes no slips; A good reckoner needs no tally. A good door needs no lock, Yet no one can open it. Good binding requires no knots, Yet no one can loosen it. Therefore the wise take care of everyone And abandon no one. They take care of all things And abandon nothing. This is called “following the light.” What is a good person? The teacher of a bad person. What is a bad person? A good person’s charge. If the teacher is not respected, And the student not cared for, Confusion will arise, however clever one is. This is the crux of mystery. The wise take care of everyone and abandon no one. This is called “following the light”... and is the crux of (the) mystery.
  4. Riju, I do not think you should post private messages like that in a general forum. Such comments are personal between the two you, and without context can be very misleading. You are always welcome to send me a pm too. To the broader point, I did discuss (and explain) with Valenone some of these issues a couple of weeks ago when he came into the chatroom. As I mentioned earlier there had been some buildup, and we worked on it. By the end of the discussion, he seemed much better, but I have not talked to him recently. As to your bus analogy, I think it fits well with what has been happening with the two of you. And I can definitely see how it would be helpful to you. What Valenone is experiencing in Buddhist terminology is the bhumi “hard to teach”. Best, Jeff
  5. When was your last message from him? Valenone has very strong flows in general and can often feel them as overwhelming. Sometimes get caught up in them and needs to release (or reside). You could say he feels a very strong desire to help others around him and can get caught up in those connections. By wrong path, was he talking about the lotus sutra, or you with him on the bus? Is he familiar with your bus analogy (as he has not described things like that to me in the past).
  6. Why is it not possible for you to just continue riding the bus to see where it goes?
  7. With these intense experiences with Valenone, do you focus on him? Sort of like you connect to him and energy streams to you? Anything like that?
  8. Thanks. Look forward to it.
  9. Blessed to be able to connect here

    Welcome! And congrats to opening your heart.
  10. Sounds very beautiful with the bond/connection that you and Valenone have found. Sounds like a good partnership.
  11. Once again I would have to disagree regarding Jesus. The early catholic and institutionalized Church was more about Roman Empire building then the teachings of Jesus. Jesus even commanded in the gospels to call no man father, and then the first thing Rome did was create a Holy father on earth.
  12. Jesus did not lose his life when he exposed himself. He knew what was unfolding and followed a plan. He ascended, and as part of that provided the basis that allow the infrastructures for all of the connecting/merging that we do (oneness in Christ).
  13. Very interesting. Thank you very much for sharing. In a round about way, I would agree with much of what you have said. Just a few points of contention.