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  1. Something I read today

    I was going through Quora today and a question about enlightenment attracted my attention. The answer which was on the top brought me all the way back to this forum that I am already a member of . Because the answer was posted by the founder of this site, Doug Sandlin. Here it is https://www.quora.com/Is-there-anyone-alive-who-is-enlightened-I-know-it-is-really-foolish-to-ask-such-questions-Only-an-enlightened-being-knows-who-is-enlightened/answer/Doug-Sandlin?srid=hJCJi It is one of the genuine and clear definitions of what spiritual awakening is; I hope you enjoy reading it.
  2. Me and My Journey

    Hello all, I am new and this is my first post. It is amazing to see a community of so many people discussing different traditions of the world here..I was referred to this forum by one of the members. Let me start with the story of my spiritual journey. It is a very long one, so I am posting the link here: The Journey of a Seeker I started my journey with simple mindfulness meditation and explored various traditions like vedanta, zen etc along the way.I hope you will enjoy reading my story.