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  1. That reminds me of when I visited the ruins of the temple at Delphi. I could hear the mountains there talking. Couldn't understand specifics of what they were saying but they welcomed me back. I had a past life as one of the oracles there. Have you looked into past lives there? You may have more than one if its such a strong connection.
  2. Golden Elixir

    Lazarus called it a thing. He also said its not about expanding awareness so I still think he and I are talking about the same thing.
  3. Golden Elixir

    No I agree that is not the same. That sounds more like what I would call extending the awareness to include the complete soul. That is only a preliminary step not the refinement and concentration of energy that Lazarus was discussing.
  4. Golden Elixir

    Yes. Immortal fetus is not a great descriptive term and its not what I would call it. But from the descriptions of its creation that lazarus gave its the same. Its not something you need to shift to and you can make more than one. It has more to do with the soul and existence after death that it does with physical immortality. As I said its a holographic representation of the soul (soul being the larger individual self) made from concentrated soul level energy. It hasn't really changed things drastically because i worked through the realms first and that's where the noticeable changes occur as you get stronger and develop abilities and awareness of things and enlightenment (no barriers between conscious self and the complete soul self though there is still separation). It does give me access to higher realms that I couldn't get into before. The things you might expect had already happened though laz is doing it backwards somehow so those things will continue to unfold for him.
  5. Golden Elixir

    I was given a very simple system (simple but not necessarily easy) where you work your way through a series of realms and by the time you get to the end you are able to create the immortal fetus. Your doing things backwards by my system.... Creating the elixir in the first realm instead of the last. Its not usually done that way cos most people don't have the skills to stabilise it till the later realms. I didn't go through the taoist tradition so I'm not familiar with all the terminology or practices but im pretty sure your immortal fetus will be the same as the first one i made in my system so if you want to discuss it feel free to ask questions and I will answer if I can.
  6. Golden Elixir

    I think I know what the golden elixir is. It is very similar to something I was taught about ascension and how to get there. I think your taking a few of the metaphors too literally... If it is what I think it is it doesn't actually have the form of a physical foetus or body (although at more advanced levels they can take forms). Its more like a holographic representation of the soul (not just the physical body). Its almost physical nature (while still being energy) is as you describe and is very much the key to creating them. The refinement and concentration required to take energy to that level is very difficult and can even be dangerous in the same way that kundalini can be detrimental to those not ready for it.