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  1. About being female

    That's super cool about the pressure release, have never felt anything like that (that I noticed anyway). And same for me when working with others - on the female side it's more 'oh hey, let's hang out...' and on the male side like 'get over here for the biggest bear hug you've ever had!' The different perspectives can be very entertaining. Hi David - glad to hear some of your experiences! That's really interesting about feeling drunk - I remember feeling that a couple of times, but don't recall if I was male or female. How does that translate into the ability to support others for you? When I have felt that, I didn't feel of much use to anyone... Thanks Tanya! That is really interesting that on the female side you feel consumed more with the male side - can you say more about that? At times when on the female side I've definitely felt jealousy and possessiveness, like some sort of creepy stalker. Sometimes some righteous anger, as well. Is that what you mean? Agreed, that's no fun. I really appreciate everyone contributing. I have really gotten a lot out of reading the content on the board, and it seems like it would be helpful for people yet to arrive to have other peoples' experience to reference as they embark on their journey. Also, I find it really helpful to hear what's happening for everyone and how it's being navigated and it seems to be more efficient to do that in a thread than to try to meet up for tea...
  2. About being female

    Thanks FaXin - appreciate hearing your experience in these realms. That seems to be a common theme in the responses. I'm curious if you have any direct experience of expansion happening, like Tom does sometimes? And if so, what is that like? Also, here's another question for everyone: is it different working with others from the female side? For me, it seems easier to hold the space for whomever I'm working with...
  3. About being female

    Well, really, who can? It's more just a discussion on what we've experienced, and maybe how our experiences have evolved as we travel this road, regardless of being biologically male or female. Thank you for the insights...
  4. Any new topics?

    Or, conversely, what is the threshold that needs to be reached in order begin to perceive these other layers? For example, how can 'I feel lots of energy around me right now' become 'oh, there are female beings with me right now.'
  5. About being female

    Hey Tom - thanks for chiming in! Do you experience an energetic sensation of expanding? Or how do you identify that expansion is happening? That's interesting about the peak of the struggle - is that something that happens at each level, or it was a one-time thing and it's been easier ever since? I feel like I address issues on both the male and female side, but maybe I'm kidding myself and it only happens on the female side. The particular space I'm curious about is the higher level female side. (Although it might be interesting to compare the male and female experiences at higher levels... ) I find, on those occasions, that there's a feeling of being adrift in the universe, and that that's just fine. There's an amazing sense of well-being and detachment, and a feeling like I'm an unlimited source of energy. The ultimate residing. Maybe it's just me in a fantasy land.
  6. About being female

    Why not? This is intended as a discussion from every perspective...
  7. About being female

    I don't either, that's why I'm hoping for somewhat of a dialogue on it. Thanks for expounding on it a bit...
  8. Hi everyone. Looking to start a conversation about peoples' experience of hanging out female. My general impression in talking to folks is that it seems to be perceived as some sort of punishment - 'I'm female and stuck in issues' I've heard quite a lot, or 'I went female and dropped', or the general focus on the importance of being male in order to get to a 'higher level' or light level. I've been female quite a bit lately, seems like several of us have, and my experience of it is different. I feel peaceful, compassionate and sometimes quite expanded or exalted. Content to be the matrix or fabric of existence. Does anyone else ever experience *that* aspect of female? Or something like it? Would love to hear other peoples' perceptions and experiences in your own words... This is Trish, by the way.