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  1. Some connection through Valenone worked. Whether it is Valenone himself or Christ or any other God /Bhoddisattva. It does not make any difference to me. It is now almost one month since this process started. And it is going full stream.
  2. Vaelnone in his private message feels that it is mostly his contribution for the effects on Riju.s body. Valenone effect works every day with me without my asking for it . Only that I am happy and receptive every time. The best thing is that now I shall be able to include SIX REALMS OF EXISTENCE OF PLANE NO 26. So I will never let go myself off this process from my side. The benefits to other side are more than mine and hence I think that this bond is not going to be broken.Moreover there is bound to be shift in quality of life on this earth. So why not, when everyone benefits. Jeff does not fully agree with me. Though the effect of Blonde hugs on my body was insignificant compared to Valenone effect.. I do not have any alternative answer, but I am ready and anxious to hear any alternative reason. Let it come from Jeff or any other source.
  3. I do not claim to know about Christianity and Christ. But the practical effect on my body was astounding. This effect is possible only when many persons collectively have developed very powerful Jhannas after spending a lot of time practicing compassion. I was handling spirits and ghosts, who were thrown in hell for their negativity and were in extreme pain and sufferings.I have gone through this pain and sufferings on their behalf by strengthening and creating new Jhannas. This experience made me reach this conclusion. When the effects came on my body , I knew that 23 year old Valnone can not do this even though he had fortold me the effects. After analysis I came to this conclusion when Valnone repeatedly praised Christ. Compassion practiced collectively is bound to bring power and prosperity due to expansion of sambhogkaya.The reason of richness and power of Rome catholic church for me is self explanetary. In fact after physical death of Christ the Roman Empire fell and vanished due to power of Christ, I do not have any alternative answer. If you have one , please tell me.
  4. Yes, you are right to some extent. His sub- conscious knew that death of this physical life would be coming. And hence He created connection of flesh with some to his trusted followers and this is described as * LAST SUPPER * in paintings. With those disciples (after his physical death), he created the organisation which has ruled for 2000 years in Rome. I am telling about the catholic system. Through this powerful huge organisation which is now spread all over the world , he practiced his compassion .And in this long and huge process of compassion he must have collected many Jhannas and made them powerful due to repetition again and again over the years. Now through a young boy Valenone he has shown me the strength of His Jhannas. I am sure that these Jhannas go to higher plane beyond plane 25 to the level where he resides below the ego plane of 5.
  5. I have been following this compassion process since 1992. But I never exposed this process for 23 years. I only went out on the details of this process on this lonely forum just two years back. I have been writing about Lotus sutra and not this meditation process. After I exposed myself on this forum, the attacks from sentients and spirits increased and I was sinking. It is then only unconsciously I remembered my safety system of protection from Lotus sutra. I then complained to Buddha that this protection system seems not to be working. The response came in Dream !. The mistake was located and corrected. I now can dare to expose myself and that is what I have been doing. If I have read and understood the chapter 15 (Emerging from the earth) correctly, there is now nothing to fear for anybody . Only that they have to come under the protection of Lotus sutra. Lotus sutra saved me and will definately save others. There are many Gods like Christ. Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Allah etc, etc. All of them are powerful Bhoddisattvas with huge followings. As per Lotus sutra they will all come in this loop of circulation slowly and slowly . Later still Gurus like Radhaswamis, Nirankaris, Brahamkumaris with lakhs of followers will come in the loop. Later still small gurus and individuals will come in the loop . (read this chapter). I had written only a few months back that I have to take many births and develop Jhannas for plane 26. My path of sufferings is very long. While the coming Buddha Maiteryana is going through this process in heaven with many apsaras in attendance. There was a little envy in my expressing. But with the experience that I have gone through with Valenone , situation is changed . This incident is overwhelming even for me.
  6. Compassion process of taking sufferings is very dangerous process for those who practice. It is like an expert swimmer going to sea to save a number of drowning persons and in the process , he gets himself drowned due to the fear that takes over. Christ lost his life 2000 years ago when He exposed Himself. I almost lost my life which I expressed before dream 1. Luckily for me Buddhas and Lotus sutra saved me. I feel same way Valenone is afraid of exposing himself . He may not be able to handle the situation. Already he is facing a lot of problems.
  7. There is too much material to write.. And this has caused confusion in my mind. Your questions give a welcoming direction to me and make things easier. Perhaps Valenone may give his side of experiences and that will also help.
  8. Insights

    OK, Now I will analyse this dream in thread My Experiences.
  9. Let me express myself on the relationship between Christ and Lotus sutra. 1.............Ego appears at 5th level. There is emptiness on each level.. Highest EMPTINESS is at zero level, and lowest emptiness is at 31 level. There is also Emptiness at 26 level where this earth and we are positioned. The Emptiness of origin of Lotus sutra is in between zero and 4th level. There is no EGO or Self present in Lotus sutra. The Emptiness of Christ is below 5th level. There is Ego of Christ involved in it. If I want to clear my sufferings , I have to ask forgiveness from Christ and it is His prerogative to take those sufferings on Himself. He has put in a condition before you that you should ask His forgiveness and also not to repeat the SIN for which this suffering has happened. Valenone says that Christ takes the sufferings because of His sublime love (As for me sublime love and Emptiness at level below Ego is one and the same thing) Lotus Sutra puts no conditions from ITS side. One has to only offer his sins to Lotus sutra and the sufferings are taken over. I (Riju) has been following this process on behalf of Lotus sutra. 2. Lotus sutra came some 2600 years ago on this earth. Christ appeared on earth about 2000 years ago. He is one of the Bhoddisattva who emerged from the earth (chapter 15). Since last 2000 years He has been collecting sufferings and out of Sublime Love (Emptiness) , He has been creating Jhannas on earth (26th level) . These Jhannas purify the sufferings below Ego level (where He is present) and hence is NOT CONNECTED to circulation system. This cosmic energy is deposited in Sambhog kaya of Christ. As and when EGO of Christ is ready to submit to Lotus Sutra , He along with His disciples will come into the loop of circulation .This will enormously benefit the Christ disciples. They will get more material benefits, better health and peace and longer age. This will happen because of added cosmic energy that all of them will get. 3.As per Valenone ( i consider him as a high level disciple of Christ) , there is inquisitiveness and desire for understanding Lotus sutra. He is now going to learn about lotus sutra through inner meditation system of learning and convey it to Christ. This point will get clear to you when I will descri;be later in writing about the changes that are happening in my body and in meditation. IT IS FROM THIS PROCESS THAT CHRIST AND LOTUS SUTRA WILL COME TOGETHER AS PREDICTED IN CHAPTER 15.
  10. By the way Chapter 16---- The life span of the Thus Come One talks about the advantages of circulation system of Lotus sutra . If some one has interest in understanding this chapter , I shall also write on this against any question which comes forward. When I read this chapter a few years back , I got hooked to Lotus sutra for ever.
  11. Since the episode with Valenone a lot has been happening with me . The changes are very fast and are going to effect all humanity. I am not writing much because I have to gather all the information coming in and make a sense out of it for everyone.. My dream 2, Valnone, Christ and all other Gods will be the characters in these writings. The changes in my body and in the earth are going to be very fast and many will be capable of noting these changes To me everything has been clear since last one month. But experiencing and writing and expressing is a different art. Chapter 15 ------Emerging from the Earth will come forward before you in these writings as an important base ..
  12. Insights

    I have carefully gone through all your messages. I have fully well understood the sublime love process of Jesus through these messages. I have also understood your state . I intend to give you the feed back of all that i think about you and Jesus. But before this I want you to analyse my Dream No .2. I hope that your love/connection for Jesus will help you in analyzing the dream. Recent events due to my contact with you and indirect contact with Jesus has completely changed my meditation. I have been enormously helped and the advantages are available with me all the time now and for future. So I promise a great feed back as related to Lotus sutra . This feed back will help me to return back the benefits to you and Jesus for the good that I have received. For this It is necessary that I get the feed back on my dream 2 from you and indirectly from Jesus
  13. Insights

    I wait for your 2nd part of letter
  14. It seems that I am the only link on this earth with the Lotus sutra. And if it is so then I become the only source of extra circulation to this earth of cosmic energies. The Gods connected with this earth are perplexed with this new situation. To take advantage of this new situation these gods have to take my help. These gods are sending their representatives to check on this new situation, before they take any decisions to join in. I feel you (Jeff) and Valnone are two such representatives from two different gods. Am I right/ wrong?
  15. Insights

    During the first few days when Valenone wrote to me in private message, he wrote about LUCID DREAMS. I liked these words . These Lucid dreams are not normal dreams as they are not easily forgotten and are a part of your memory for a long time. Immediately after a few days of this private message, I had a lucid dream and I describe it below. I took a few days to analyse this dream and this dream becomes a part of my insight. DREAM NO 2.....I am travelling on a bike with some one sitting behind my bike at a slow speed. Suddenly I am transferred to a bus and am sitting at the back seat of this bus. In front are many passengers. I had a wish that I could move to the front of this bus so that I can see the road ahead as the bus was going very fast both on good and roads and on lands where there were no roads. After some time the bus stops and I suddenly remember the passenger sitting on back of my bike and started worrying about this passenger. The bus has stopped near a godown filled with eatables. I also see on the side of road two birds. One is small and very active running here and there. At his back is another bird about 5-6 times larger in size and not moving , standing steady at the back of small bird and guarding this small bird. I then hear a voice that the passenger at the back is the small bird now and he had left the bike when i went into the bus and has moved faster than the bus to this site. I am happy for his safety. The dream ends......Can someone analyse this dream of mine and insights it should provide me.?