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  1. This is my last message on this thread. New era has begun. The evolution moves towards creation of super human beings on this earth. Many new children who will with age will be clearly vilsible. By 2084 , this new generation of superhuman beings will take over the rule of this earth. They will have longer age above 100 years or so. They will be healthy, happy and materially rich generation. They will follows principals of Lotus sutra and not the buddhism. They will be givers and not takers (Sambhogkaya). They will be creative (Nirmankaya). They will be conscious of nature and will improve earth climate (Dharamkaya). Christians population will out number others in this category of super human beings.
  2. I also confirm that I have achieved the great milestone of grouping with Christ organisation and we are working complementing each other.
  3. Valenone is ok and he has a lot of limitations. Let me now move beyond him.
  4. He has stopped communicating after the last message of his which I have brought it out in open. He has acted/ led me to believe that he is no more. If he has acted , it is his foolishness and may lead me to some serious wrong decisions, and can harm me and others. If has led me than there is no question of privacy. The whole list of private messages should be brought out and its effects discussed. The reason is that his karma will now lead him to me and he will be mine, till he is cleaned of the all the mess that led him to this state.
  5. Jeff I am waiting for your comments anxiously. He never criticized Lotus sutra or the ;bus incident. You may have alternate source of information on Valenone. When he was in trouble , he critilcized my methods and me.
  6. yes, he wanted to know lotus sutra and he knew about the bus. In between I had warned him to stop helping me as he was feeling uncomfortable. When he told me that I can get seriously hurt because of my method, I assured him that I am well protected by Lotus sutra and I have been in this process for many years. Yet he wanted to continue helping me.
  7. valenone Replied: February 5 I am not happy. I am going trough psycological hell. I feel contant terror and everyone is planning to kill me. No bullshit. You might be insane understand. I have been planning suicide for 7 days each day begging for mercy from people so they dont kill me. Did you do this to me? Are you happy riju? Dont play with stuff you dont know. You are ******* retard i understand so much more than you now and its pure hell. I might soon slith my wrists off so people wont kill me.
  8. No news from Valenone. In his last private message he said that he is in serious trouble with the spirits and he is since last one week thinking of committing suicide. Hence I have been worried for him and have been waiting for his communication'. He has also warned me many times saying that I am on a very very dangerous and wrong path. My spiritual progress has been very good since then. I hence assume that I am with in the bus and there is help coming from Christ organisation. What does Jeff think about this event?
  9. Valenone collapsed due to overconfidence. I knew that Valenone cannot alone handle my energies, but I was led to believe that Christ is at his back and protecting Valenone.. So all good is happening. For one month Valenone has been handling my energies and I was enjoying the rest and peace. It was a vacation for me after hard work of 24 ;years. In between due to partly developed Jhannas of Valenone ,he was not able to clear many energies and they were getting accumulated in his body. The end result was a serious collapse. I am waiting to hear some news from him , before I comment further.
  10. But the experience has left him in fear and panic. He seems to have opted out. Meanwhile I now continue on my path of saving sentients
  11. Valenone seems to have recovered comptletely and feels stonger . Thanks, I was worried for him. I remain in the bus.
  12. I read the last one month or more time as follows..... 1.Valenone contacts me. 2. I am in comfort zone for one month 3 Things go out of control with Valenone. I am worried on behalf of him and do my best to protect him. 4. Now I come to understand that even Christ organisation was also capable of protecting him and he got into trouble because of his weakness. 5. Now I am in luxury comfort zone. 6. Christ organisation is a huge one. There is God, and then there is son Christ , and then there is his organisation of Popes and last of all is Valenone.This organisation must have a very long reach and they may have taken me in out of compassion to ease my burden. They also may have reach upto Lotus sutra and my teaching might not be necessary. What I enjoy is that this organisation is capable of handling of Jhannas of 26th plane, for which I thought that I might suffer for many births. That being not the case , now I am in relaxing mood . Let the time take further decision about Lotus sutra. If they are in contact with Lotus sutra, so far so good. And if they are not in contact with lotus sutra, I shall strain my best and do this job, In this atmosphere I shall be able to measure my reach . This reach may be higher or lower , it does not matter.
  13. My role is like a salesman. Even if the client gets connected to Lotus sutra by ONE jhanna and tastes the advantage of circulation system, my work is finished and I will go in search of another client.
  14. That is what I am doing and will be doing. In fact it will be all the better. What has happened that the change in movement of the bus has created disturbance . And this disturbance has to be calmed down. Things are getting better and all the passengers and Valenone are now settling down. For me remaining a passenger itself without doing anything is a major achievement . I will get all the time to learn and teach Lotus sutra in the extremely PEACEFUL atmosphere of the bus. As I see things today, I will remain seated in the bus for quiet sometime.