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  2. Hugging you now... See what you get...
  3. Experinment is on........................................................ Jeff's hugs caused heavy inflow of cosmic energies of positive type. These energies (offering bliss) were sent to emptiness by Riju causing strengthening of Jhannas of higher level , as well as get rest /respite from processing painful cosmic energies from spirits and sentients. Now I have been receiving heavy and painful cosmic energies from Valnone (23 ;year young man from Finland). These energies were also sent to emptiness, again causing strengthening of lower level Jhannas of 26th plane. Riju is happy that he is able to strengthen and add new Jhannas to Lotus sutra with Valnone 's help. Valnone is happy that he is able to help his parents and siblings.He is able to send those energies to Riju by having full faith in Riju's writings, thereby he is expanding and adding Jhannas to his body. If he continues on this path, then the strengthening of Jhannas will make him one day get freedom from this faith to Riju. The faith will shift to emptiness. This will open vast avenues for him. I am not able to understand as yet what Jeff is getting or doing through hugs?
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  5. Valenone and Riju

    Valenone wrote.......... I have done this. My family is very healthy now. The way i shared my past was to paint the struggle behind it, portray feeling from heaviness. What i have done past 2 years is expanding my work. I meet these people with issues give the guide how and clarity with their issues and share my presence with them. Then i take it all and meditate and sleep for few days. Then i recieve the lightness. It is constant. I noticed not very long ago when giving my presence to the people without them dealing the issues causing the bad influence will be energy wasted. I give them solution then clear the issues trough me. This is what i think you mean by jhana. A person who you have this certain energetic flow of connection with. Each of them building more jhanas as they grow. My family is very functioning and happy now. I still keep my work active to ensure contant tranmission between them. The miracle of change in my family happened from cause i made. I can see easily into people deepest intentions. I locate the issue they have and guide them trough it and then take their heaviness. Its always feels hard but i distance myself from it. I take myself to deeper and longer meditation and sleep a lot. Trough this i work trough the heaviness clearing it. Then i visit them again and i can feel the lightness. The problem is i have to deal first with the cycle of people causin bad effect each other. First i clear the major source and from there ease up everyones load. I am very tolerant. I have taken this practise outside of my family as well. As far attachments go i have been aware for a very long time what i hold for my family. It is the one thing i refused to let go. It was severed from me not long ago. I cried of sorrow for 2 days when i lost it, only to realize that now i had abilty to fix their life. I will meditate now. I will focus on you during my meditation. Quote Dear friend, It is good to learn that you have been on the right path now for some time and your family is healthy. Your attachment to the family is also ok Only keep this attachment to the level where heaviness is in control. Jhanna............Jhanna is WISDOM that connects you to emptiness. The process becomes effortless when a particular WISDOM becomes a Jhanna. In your case You have created Jhanna connection to the monk and the process is speeding up. This monk is connected to emptiness of Lotus sutra. So you are indirectly in the loop of circulation with emptiness through this monk. You said that you will focus on me. If the system is working (with the focus on me) , I am glad to know that I am that monk of your dream. We will both benefit and also benefit others. You can be the source of a SON for the monk ,who is waiting outside the gate of heaven for you.
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  7. Replied: 15 hours ago I will introduce myself by opening up my past experiences to you Skip the reading of the past if you just want to know why im reaching out to you. Past I am 23 year old male. I live in finland. I have 4 siblings 2 parents alive. I have practiced meditation since early childhood by accident. I used meditation since age of 6 to deal with negative emotions that weighted me heavily. It started from a thought, i wanted to find a way to deal with issues of others. My family. I created three golden rules to myself as child to be on the path i want be in. I wanted to help my family but i thought i didnt have the understanding then. I began to pray to emptiness. "Let all my family have good healthy happy life, Give them everything that i am, let their hurt be directed to me, let me suffer their pain and give all to good what is coming for me for them. I lived many hard years for me then. Up to age 4 my family was functioning. Then things took change for a worse. I began wondering solution to fix them at young age even before i had seen what was about to happen. My father abused my mother at night, we children in family tried to protect our mother from violent paranoid behaviour of my father. It happened in episodes. I noticed it soon what was going on with my father. He suffered from acts of psycosis. It was triggered use of heavy drugs. My mother so beautiful turned in addiction towards alcoholism, brothers used their issues to justify the violence they cause by seeing a potential threat in bad social network of people. Many "dangerous" "lower class" "drugadict"people gathered here around them. Used their time to come up with bad influence of envioroment. My two little sisters both so strong and wise in many ways. Year after year these problems and insanity in my family, every night i let open prayer. Let me suffer for the sake of my family, let my good and everything positive be given unto them. Each time the load got heavier. I felt it all. The pain of everyone around me all the time. Trying to find a way to ease myself i let myself develop dellusions. I kept talking with other in my mind. Connecting them. Age 14 year 2008. I was in deep depression spend weeks staying in house just not doing much else but wonder and relive all the anxiety,fear and pain i put myself in order to understand more to find a way to fix my family well being. At this time i had witnessed, my brother allmost killing someone by accident, father abusing me my family, mother going in insanity using her whole being drinking her pain away and causing pain for us, sister losing her path in life turning to drug sexually abused, oldest brother deep never ending find of hope, my sweetest youngest sister with heart so warm and open that i want to protect her from everything. I took it all in all their pain driving myself trough madness in order to find solution for easing their suffering. Trough these years i always prayed later turned into meditation. When i felt overwhelmed i went to isolation and took myself into my feeling. Analayzing observing everything. Each time finding new fragment of the puzzle never hoping anything good to happen. When i was so excausted by trying to everything right i went isolation praying for something this show me a path. I studied my dream 14-17 years of age. I tried to achieve permenant lucid dream. Dream were one is aware of dreaming. Trough there i learnt from myself. I tried form a connection trough dream to a universal mind and find people in it. Never succeeding excatly, but i live in dreams also. I never accepted knowleadge. I only seeked undestanding in most refined way. I shifted my perception to find different angles of things and reality started breaking down to me. I began see everything observer. I realized only way i can learn true way of life is to study what i experience without attachment to anything. Just building understanding. I never believed in anything i just used belief as way to shift perception. Many time i build dellussions for myself and i let myself sink into emptiness and it taking everything away. I purified the obstructs in me as i saw them surfacing. Trying to see beyond every attachment, desire, and fear and let light sink into them purifing it. Each time I have felt someone or people connected since child, knowing only their presence. I heard this guiding voice spoke trough understanding in my mind. I listened it to when i was having hard time. I kept reasoning with the insanity to believe this "imagination". I noticed all the time how much i learned after each relazation. I meditated and wondered in my mind. Observing my body and senses hoping that i find someone to connect. Proving what i feel is true. I use my dreams to meditate. I turned my dreams into a lucid dream were i know im dreaming. I had this one dream that changed me alot and guided me about 6 years ago. I was in this place were there were high leveled beings and people. In dream i wondered were i was. It was kind of like temple but big as any huge building. It had nature inside and staiway towards sky. I walked these stairs until i found a garden. There was a worshipped monk in middle of it. Me and 6 others gathered around him and he communicated to me trough meaning with no speach. This dream showed me my path. I felt as though i understood everything unconsciously but couldt put anything i was feeling into words. I shared the dream just to see if you had similar dream? Have you been speaking with someone past 23 years in your mind. Because about 4 months ago i felt something big dissapear, kind of like this presence. I read your writing of you personal experiences and you sounded much like me. As if it was writed for me. I got interested in you and i think we both can find something good in sharing our knowleadge and understanding. Quote Friend Valenone. Please permit me to discus/analyse our experiences on this thread. Thanks. This thread will be experimental. We will together meditate and observe the actual results before passing on any judgement/results. Regarding ;your DREAM.............It seems to give correct idea of heavenly situation in our way. Many of us humans who follow the right path with sincere help to others are the ones who are climbing up the stairs to heaven. The ones who enter the temple after the stairs are finished are the successful ones. They are called the bhoddisattvas. The monk in the garden is not yet a perfect teacher as he is waiting outside the temple gate in the garden. This monk wants sons whom he can take along with. This is my interpretation. Helping Parents and siblings..................You cannot help them permanently. :You can relieve them for sometime by taking away their sufferings. Their ignorance will recreate bad karmas again and again; The drinking and the drugs take away the awareness and the person never learns. Your becoming heavy time and again indicates the overload due to your attachment to the family. Experiment.....................1st. step.............Pray for them as you have been doing and become heavy. 2 nd. step..............Go away from this atmosphere , try to remain detached and pray to the monk/emptiness to take away your heaviness. Only when you have ;become light go back to the family. Repeat this process if you get results' Jhanas...................................If you are successful in doing all this and you are able to prolong lightness with each incident then this means that you are strengthening your OWN JHANAS. This will reduce your dependence on the monk Their may be huge and many varieties of heaviness that you may be collecting from your family. This means that you have to handle development of many different Jhanas. And this will extend your learning process from the monk for a long time but it will do you good.
  8. I have just now read Valenone and given her/him a reply. I need 24 hours of  meditation to analyse

  9. Heavy inflows of cosmic energies on 6th and 7th along with confusion in understanding Jeff's post of 6th. End result is that my subsequent reply is also confusing to me and hence should be assumed as deleted.. Today morning meditation was clear and strong, but I will wait for another day to re-study Jeff's post of 6th.
  10. I think, I understand. But I need time to express the understanding in my way.
  11. I was sitting in meditation today morning about 4 hours earlier. I had not read this mail of yours. But you had already written and posted it. A sudden and huge turn has happened. This turn is not yet very clear to me now. But it is related to two strange opposite ideas. 1. One idea strengthens the answer you have written above. 2.Second idea relates to Lotus sutra. Guatam Buddha has bestowed prophesy of Buddhahood at many places in the book. He then goes on to describe the details of His; Buddha rule. ...................................(page 51 describes Shariputra and his Buddha prophesy, and there are many more prophesies in later pages) I need time to digest the details and then come back to you.
  12. As I responded in the previous post, emptiness is not inside of Brahman (or some being like it). Brahman is an example of the “One” who emerges from the Dao in Taoism. Dao = Emptiness.
  13. While our overall frameworks we describe are very similar, they are different in a few ways. As an example, in my definition of emptiness, it is not possible to recreate it, as everything is a “subset” of emptiness. Your awareness + wisdom would be more like “manifest potential” to me, which is a subset. You sort of see it all as being inside of Brahman. To me it is more like Brahman emerges (or is the potential) of emptiness. Hence my becoming like the universal ground, in your framework would be like I knew how to become a Buddha, but instead decided to be the backstop for sentient beings, so that they could better access the clear light of Buddha’s and higher beings. In terms of wisdoms, it is sort of like I provide the “extra space” for not my wisdoms, but those of other beings that have the potential to manifest.
  14. .Jeff quoted The difference that we are describing comes from the point of I am starting from well before what the lotus sutra calls “ignorance causing action”. Or maybe your could say more fully describing the “ignorance” part. In the text, it is presupposing that there is a being in the first place to even be ignorant or do an action. Y. My question is that .....Is there a"being / not being" who has the WISDOM before the start of this creation And this being has an organisation of whom you are one being?
  15. Jeff quoted my order would be something like... bubble up from emptiness... formless and unaware blob of potential... potential starts to take essence... essence begins to become aware... aware My path is more like to be the universal “ground” for sentient beings so that they can work with such beings. 1............Where does the path of universal "ground" fit in the above sequence.? 2.............Or is it a separate system? 3............In my meditation I find that if I apply AWARENESS WITH WISDOM ,,,,,,,,,,,,I recreate Emptiness. AWARENESS WITH IGNORANCE creates chaos. So I have to take help of WISDOM gained from experiences as well as JHANAS.
  16. Assuming you meant this question for me... No, I am not a disciple of some advanced bhoddisatta, but I definitely support and venerate such beings. My path is more like to be the universal “ground” for sentient beings so that they can work with such beings.
  17. The difference that we are describing comes from the point of I am starting from well before what the lotus sutra calls “ignorance causing action”. Or maybe your could say more fully describing the “ignorance” part. In the text, it is presupposing that there is a being in the first place to even be ignorant or do an action. So my order would be something like... bubble up from emptiness... formless and unaware blob of potential... potential starts to take essence... essence begins to become aware... aware essence attaches to stuff = ignorance... then your ignorance causes action...
  18. The word "bubbling up" used by you and the word "falling down" are not a problem. If we assume that the EMPTINESS is the seed , we can say also that the existence has bubbled up from the seed .ILt is same as tree coming up from the seed in earth. It depends upon from which end we are looking at. But the cause of bubbling up of this existence is IGNORANCE as per 12 link chain. "The words primordial Buddha providing a stable bubble" are also alright as it means for me that this cause and effect churning has given bubbles of stability in the form of Buddha mind. So it may be that we both are writing the same thing. But in end these yogas are powers without sufficient WISDOM at the back for support and the trouble ma;y come up. There are many bhoddisattvas in higher than 26th plane (higher towards zero) and they have very high powers. And their basic PART WISDOM is that coming down to lower planes is dangerous as that is an uncharted area for them. So they never come down but they employ others giving them protective shield and sending them down to these risky areas. In that case the risk falls not on them. ARE YOU THE DISCIPLE OF SOME ADVANCED BHODDISATTVA AND ARE WORKING ON THIS EARTH UNDER HIS PROTECTLION?
  19. Jeff wrote We have not "fallen" from emptiness based upon any "lack". It is more like we "bubble up" from emptiness. In the that bubbling up (of potential) process, we manifest in the broader buddhamind space. Kind of like the primordial buddha providing a stable bubble (what we call the universe), so that we can grow and stabilize as a being. As part of this individual stabilization, everyone becomes "self aware". In this early self aware phase, one becomes attached to various items that they perceive in the stable bubble of buddhamind. This attachment is basis of all of the ego stuff that sentient beings experience. I am not able to understand this process. Even though you also have explained further. I am giving below the extract from Lotus sutra. This is a very famous 12 link chain giving the cause of formation of this physical world. It explains the sequence of falling down (coming down) of EMPTINESS. The start is the ignorance. Can you fit in your explanation of "Bubble up" in this chain. If required I can go into the details of this 12 link chain system of cause which brought us down from 0 level to 26th level and down to 31 level. page 131 "Then he broadly expounded the Law of the twelve-linked chain of causation: ignorance causes action, action causes consciousness, consciousness causes name and form, name and form cause the six sense organs, the six sense organs cause contact, contact causes sensation, sensation causes desire, desire causes attachment, attachment causes existence, existence causes birth, birth causes old age and death. Worry and grief, suffering and anguish. If ignorance is wiped out, then action will be wiped out. If action is wiped out, then consciousness will be wiped out. If consciousness is wiped out, then name and form will be wiped out. If name and form are wiped out, then the six sense organs will be wiped out., then contact will be wiped out. If contact is wiped out, then sensation will be wiped out. If sensation is wiped out, then desire is wiped out. If desire is wiped out, then birth will be wiped out. If birth is wiped out, then old age and death will be wiped out. If birth is wiped out, then old age and death, worry and grief, suffering and anguish will be wiped out.
  20. Look forward to the discussion. Proof is in the hugs (and the actual flows).
  21. This needs explaining. We will explore it later together. Here I agree. Proof is also there in your writing and working. You not only located raw me a few years back , You could see the potential in me and you have successful in guiding me all along'
  22. We have not "fallen" from emptiness based upon any "lack". It is more like we "bubble up" from emptiness. In the that bubbling up (of potential) process, we manifest in the broader buddhamind space. Kind of like the primordial buddha providing a stable bubble (what we call the universe), so that we can grow and stabilize as a being. As part of this individual stabilization, everyone becomes "self aware". In this early self aware phase, one becomes attached to various items that they perceive in the stable bubble of buddhamind. This attachment is basis of all of the ego stuff that sentient beings experience. The growth of the individual self aware bubble continues over a very long time. Wisdom starts when one begins to "clear out" all of the underlying ego attachment within the individual self aware bubble. Higher wisdoms comes as one starts to further expand and integrate that self aware bubble into the broader buddhamind space. When one begins to integrate into buddhamind (3rd & 4th bhumi), the clarity of this buddhamind radiates into the world. That clarity/energy is often called "light". That light though not able to be really seen (as it is clear), can be felt at a subconscious by all beings. Beings are naturally attracted to that light, and hence the beings look to that person radiating for guidance. (hence master-student dynamics) I would agree that often people get attached to the process (and descriptions) itself, rather than the real underlying point. What you call the blond system in classical tantric buddhism or dzogchen, would be known as Guru/Diety (or Dakini) yoga. The system is highly beneficial because one is using that "higher" buddhamind direct light flow and sort of imbuing it at local individual self bubble level. It takes advantage of the natural male-female energy dynamic as sort of the delivery mechanism, but it is flowing a more pure light (than energy) into the systems. Hence the clearing/purification process is greatly accelerated. With the accelerated approach, one has greater access to what you call "wisdoms".
  23. Jeff, This is my question to you on the system you follow..... The above site describes all the present practiced Tibetian systems of ;yogas. This also includes Blonde system. 1.We all came down from EMPTINESS due to ignorance or lack of WISDOM. We had all the powers at higher levels but due to our ignorant use of these powers we not only lost the power , but we also came down to suffering existence. So seeking the powers through yoga is not going to work if not accompanied by the WISDOM. WISDOM comes when we exist and accept where ever we are. If we seek WISDOM , powers will come and they will hardly play any role. 2.Some times with part WISDOM and these powers, we are capable of attracting a lot of disciples and raise am empire, but again we get diverted from our path due to these very disciples and empire and forget to seek WISDOM. 3.The disciples are attracted due to empire and powers and they come to the MASTERS seeking the same . Their attention hardly goes to seeking WISDOMS. DHARMA WHEEL is full of these tibetian yogins and their disciples. Some five years back when I wrote on that forum on Lotus sutra, they abused and threw me out because they thought that they are getting diverted from the beauty of these yogas. They said that Lotus sutra is not what Guatam Buddha taught. For them WISDOMS are waste of time. How does the ;blond system ultimately benefit you or others?
  24. I have come to conclusion that I am not suitable for any or all of methods mentioned in the above site. I have also come to understand that even Phowa grong is going to deviate me from my path. The reason is that my awareness sees physical atom and mind as one and the same thing. Both disappear in EMPTINESS when they join to-gether. Phowa grong can be achieved when mind and body get separated. In my case as body and consciousness (mind) try to part ways,my attention gets diverted to another physical atom in different part of the body. And the separation stops. Since last one year I am being told of my initial seed. I refuse to write about this seed of mine as mentally even I am surprised and shocked at the idea. I am not averse to this seed idea.But it makes the Buddhahood seem easier comparably. All I see is that I shall on the way experience all the powers mentioned on this site (sent by you) and also shall experience all the Jhannas and also the Buddhahood or even the Buddhas in Nirvan. I have to go on repeatedly taking births in all sorts of situations, In my first stage as I am now situated in Pune and am capable of changing small surrounding areas on 26th plane. In my astral form where physical matter is not that dense, my movements are wide spread' In my second stage I shall have capability to effect changes in whole universe in Phowa grong stage with complete body all over the universe. This stage will come after many physical births.. Each birth will increase my area/volume . of movement. Phowa grong stage is automatic for me in physical death, and by choice I have taken physical birth here and with purpose. All my future births will also be by my choice after going through the CAUSE and its EFFECTS. My awareness is penetrating . Its effect can reach any part of my body (body is equal to all the universe). The DREAM supports this idea otherwise why the saints will tell that my birth is rarest of rare and even commander -in-chief could not imagine it . And his falling unconscious indicates a serious blunder. This can effect the eras in coming times. WITH OUT NAMING THE SEED its nature is AWARENESS of very high order.
  25. Any bhoddisatva at 10th Bhumi (ist level) can become Buddha in one birth if he enters Tushita heaven. Lord Maiterya is at present there in line for Buddhahood. But my seed or my mind is not ready to enter Tushita level so soon. I have already made my self ready to take many many births on 26th and 27th plane. I am ready to go through a lot of sufferings . For me there is a reason behind this. Many Mahasattvas and bhoddisattvas in the past have done so/are doing so . They delay their entry to buddhahood. Lotus sutra is full of examples of such bhoddisattvas.Chapter 24 (bhoddisattva wonderful sound) and chapter 25 (The universal gateway of the bhoddisattva perceilver of the world sounds) are two such examples. Is that what you are indicating Jeff?
  26. Maybe consider the completion stage aspects of the six yogas of Nāropa. You may remember part of it as the blonde stuff. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Yogas_of_Naropa
  27. Some extracts on 10th level bhoddisattvas . DHARMAMEGHA-BHUMI (THE LAND OF DHARMA CLOUDS) Buddha-hood is confirmed, and he enters Tushita Heaven. Tushita Heaven is the heaven of contended gods, where there are Buddhas who will be reborn only one more time. Maitreya is said to live there also. The tenth bhūmi, the Cloud of Dharma[edit] On the tenth bhūmi, bodhisattvas overcome the subtlest traces of the afflictions. Like a cloud that pours rain on the earth, these bodhisattvas spread the dharma in all directions, and each sentient being absorbs what it needs in order to grow spiritually. Thus Nāgārjuna states that At this stage bodhisattvas enter into progressively deeper meditative absorptions and develop limitless powers with regard to magical formulas. They cultivate the perfection of exalted wisdom, which, according to Asaṅga, enables them to increase their exalted wisdom. This in turn strengthens the other perfections. As a result, they become established in the joy of the doctrine.[21] They acquire perfect bodies, and their minds are cleansed of the subtlest traces of the afflictions. They manifest in limitless forms for the benefit of others and transcend the ordinary laws of time and space. They are able to place entire world systems in a single pore, without diminishing them or increasing the size of the pore. When they do this, the beings inhabiting the worlds feel no discomfort, and only those who are advanced bodhisattvas even notice. Bodhisattvas on this level receive a form of empowerment from innumerable buddhas. This is called "great rays of light", because the radiance of these bodhisattvas shines in all directions. This empowerment helps them in removing the remaining obstructions to omniscience and gives them added confidence and strength. At the final moment of this stage they enter into a meditative state called the "vajralike meditative stabilization", in which the subtlest remaining obstacles to buddhahood are overcome. They arise from this concentration as Buddhas. Additional bhūmi[edit]
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