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  2. Poetry And Insights Of Hafiz And Other Sufis

    Sufism has always resonated. The last show I performed in before I retired as a stage actor, was an adaptation of the poetry of Rumi performed Off Broadway at LaMama House back in the 90's. The cast were trained and whirled in the Dervish style throughout the show, if we weren't involved in a scene, we were whirling along in a lazy chain around the action on stage. Whirling became my great love for moving meditation for some years. This poem came to me about my wife during that time. The picture is of a fire pixie playing his lyre who came through our campfire one night up on Black Mountain.
  3. Some connection through Valenone worked. Whether it is Valenone himself or Christ or any other God /Bhoddisattva. It does not make any difference to me. It is now almost one month since this process started. And it is going full stream.
  4. Blessed to be able to connect here

    Welcome! And congrats to opening your heart.
  5. Hello Beautiful Lights! I'd like to introduce myself and say thanks for creating and sustaining this space for connection. A bit about myself: For so much of my life, I sought. I struggled and strove, seeking to find the truth, to create the conditions where everthing would 'click' and I would finally 'get it and my life could start for real'. I would find the right combination of qi gong, or martial arts, the right diet, the right phrase in a book, or the right place out hiking in nature that would open me up and set everything right... that would crack the illusions and set me free... I wandered the forests obsessively somehow feeling it was there... I'd swim down to the bottom of the Mississippi river where we lived, searching for... something... the real me. IT Then one moment, rather recently I realized "how could it be possible, that someone else, or something else could know what it is that I need? How would it be that the answer I was seeking was somewhere outside myself? And then a beautiful thing happened, one afternoon while my toddler son played on the floor and I reached for my tea this realization occured... There is an unbroken line of action that directly connects this moment to the moment when my Mum and Dad came together to conceive me... And this went further... that causation was seamlessly linked similarly to where their parents came together... and then it occurred to me, this goes all the way back, to co-arising origination, or the bang or whatever... but "there is no separation... of anything. No dividing line anywhere... other than an arbitrary one, my mind may apply." There is an unbroken line of flow from the origination to this moment as I reach for my tea. woof! Everything is One. One flowing ocean of which, that which I had always been told and considered to be my 'seperate self' was more akin to a wave of the ocean than a ball floating on it. I am the universe as much as the dirt, flowers, supernova and galaxies. The release of relief and joy and understanding was a cascade, yet very gentle. It was so clear and obvious. As Alan Watts said "This Is It". So my practices all kind of fell away, the worry over the magic diet, the concern over what soaps to use... and I began to accept and release. Now I move through life and I accept it. I accept when events occur where I will act and affect conditions... and accept when I will simply abide and not try to force anything... and either way, act or sit... to release. Release assumptions, outcomes and presumptions. With this release and acceptance, awareness began to unfold. Now I consider only one thing to be absolutely certain. There is awareness and I am that. Such light and bouyancy... such gratitude and abiding, gentle joy! Now this may all seem like I've got all my stuff figured out and my crud together... please don't assume this. I still regularly get frustrated and scared and angry, but I no longer feed these and they cannot maintain their inertia, so they dissipate quickly and have 'lost their teeth', as the realization abides and I soon accept and release and once again abide in simple awareness. Blessed to have been invited here by David. I know a few of you already from the Tao Bums and I look forward to the connections sure to come with others here. silent thunder Creighton
  6. Sounds very beautiful with the bond/connection that you and Valenone have found. Sounds like a good partnership.
  7. Vaelnone in his private message feels that it is mostly his contribution for the effects on Riju.s body. Valenone effect works every day with me without my asking for it . Only that I am happy and receptive every time. The best thing is that now I shall be able to include SIX REALMS OF EXISTENCE OF PLANE NO 26. So I will never let go myself off this process from my side. The benefits to other side are more than mine and hence I think that this bond is not going to be broken.Moreover there is bound to be shift in quality of life on this earth. So why not, when everyone benefits. Jeff does not fully agree with me. Though the effect of Blonde hugs on my body was insignificant compared to Valenone effect.. I do not have any alternative answer, but I am ready and anxious to hear any alternative reason. Let it come from Jeff or any other source.
  8. I do not claim to know about Christianity and Christ. But the practical effect on my body was astounding. This effect is possible only when many persons collectively have developed very powerful Jhannas after spending a lot of time practicing compassion. I was handling spirits and ghosts, who were thrown in hell for their negativity and were in extreme pain and sufferings.I have gone through this pain and sufferings on their behalf by strengthening and creating new Jhannas. This experience made me reach this conclusion. When the effects came on my body , I knew that 23 year old Valnone can not do this even though he had fortold me the effects. After analysis I came to this conclusion when Valnone repeatedly praised Christ. Compassion practiced collectively is bound to bring power and prosperity due to expansion of sambhogkaya.The reason of richness and power of Rome catholic church for me is self explanetary. In fact after physical death of Christ the Roman Empire fell and vanished due to power of Christ, I do not have any alternative answer. If you have one , please tell me.
  9. Once again I would have to disagree regarding Jesus. The early catholic and institutionalized Church was more about Roman Empire building then the teachings of Jesus. Jesus even commanded in the gospels to call no man father, and then the first thing Rome did was create a Holy father on earth.
  10. Yes, you are right to some extent. His sub- conscious knew that death of this physical life would be coming. And hence He created connection of flesh with some to his trusted followers and this is described as * LAST SUPPER * in paintings. With those disciples (after his physical death), he created the organisation which has ruled for 2000 years in Rome. I am telling about the catholic system. Through this powerful huge organisation which is now spread all over the world , he practiced his compassion .And in this long and huge process of compassion he must have collected many Jhannas and made them powerful due to repetition again and again over the years. Now through a young boy Valenone he has shown me the strength of His Jhannas. I am sure that these Jhannas go to higher plane beyond plane 25 to the level where he resides below the ego plane of 5.
  11. Jesus did not lose his life when he exposed himself. He knew what was unfolding and followed a plan. He ascended, and as part of that provided the basis that allow the infrastructures for all of the connecting/merging that we do (oneness in Christ).
  12. I have been following this compassion process since 1992. But I never exposed this process for 23 years. I only went out on the details of this process on this lonely forum just two years back. I have been writing about Lotus sutra and not this meditation process. After I exposed myself on this forum, the attacks from sentients and spirits increased and I was sinking. It is then only unconsciously I remembered my safety system of protection from Lotus sutra. I then complained to Buddha that this protection system seems not to be working. The response came in Dream !. The mistake was located and corrected. I now can dare to expose myself and that is what I have been doing. If I have read and understood the chapter 15 (Emerging from the earth) correctly, there is now nothing to fear for anybody . Only that they have to come under the protection of Lotus sutra. Lotus sutra saved me and will definately save others. There are many Gods like Christ. Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Allah etc, etc. All of them are powerful Bhoddisattvas with huge followings. As per Lotus sutra they will all come in this loop of circulation slowly and slowly . Later still Gurus like Radhaswamis, Nirankaris, Brahamkumaris with lakhs of followers will come in the loop. Later still small gurus and individuals will come in the loop . (read this chapter). I had written only a few months back that I have to take many births and develop Jhannas for plane 26. My path of sufferings is very long. While the coming Buddha Maiteryana is going through this process in heaven with many apsaras in attendance. There was a little envy in my expressing. But with the experience that I have gone through with Valenone , situation is changed . This incident is overwhelming even for me.
  13. Compassion process of taking sufferings is very dangerous process for those who practice. It is like an expert swimmer going to sea to save a number of drowning persons and in the process , he gets himself drowned due to the fear that takes over. Christ lost his life 2000 years ago when He exposed Himself. I almost lost my life which I expressed before dream 1. Luckily for me Buddhas and Lotus sutra saved me. I feel same way Valenone is afraid of exposing himself . He may not be able to handle the situation. Already he is facing a lot of problems.
  14. There is too much material to write.. And this has caused confusion in my mind. Your questions give a welcoming direction to me and make things easier. Perhaps Valenone may give his side of experiences and that will also help.
  15. Very interesting. Thank you very much for sharing. In a round about way, I would agree with much of what you have said. Just a few points of contention.
  16. Insights

    OK, Now I will analyse this dream in thread My Experiences.
  17. Let me express myself on the relationship between Christ and Lotus sutra. 1.............Ego appears at 5th level. There is emptiness on each level.. Highest EMPTINESS is at zero level, and lowest emptiness is at 31 level. There is also Emptiness at 26 level where this earth and we are positioned. The Emptiness of origin of Lotus sutra is in between zero and 4th level. There is no EGO or Self present in Lotus sutra. The Emptiness of Christ is below 5th level. There is Ego of Christ involved in it. If I want to clear my sufferings , I have to ask forgiveness from Christ and it is His prerogative to take those sufferings on Himself. He has put in a condition before you that you should ask His forgiveness and also not to repeat the SIN for which this suffering has happened. Valenone says that Christ takes the sufferings because of His sublime love (As for me sublime love and Emptiness at level below Ego is one and the same thing) Lotus Sutra puts no conditions from ITS side. One has to only offer his sins to Lotus sutra and the sufferings are taken over. I (Riju) has been following this process on behalf of Lotus sutra. 2. Lotus sutra came some 2600 years ago on this earth. Christ appeared on earth about 2000 years ago. He is one of the Bhoddisattva who emerged from the earth (chapter 15). Since last 2000 years He has been collecting sufferings and out of Sublime Love (Emptiness) , He has been creating Jhannas on earth (26th level) . These Jhannas purify the sufferings below Ego level (where He is present) and hence is NOT CONNECTED to circulation system. This cosmic energy is deposited in Sambhog kaya of Christ. As and when EGO of Christ is ready to submit to Lotus Sutra , He along with His disciples will come into the loop of circulation .This will enormously benefit the Christ disciples. They will get more material benefits, better health and peace and longer age. This will happen because of added cosmic energy that all of them will get. 3.As per Valenone ( i consider him as a high level disciple of Christ) , there is inquisitiveness and desire for understanding Lotus sutra. He is now going to learn about lotus sutra through inner meditation system of learning and convey it to Christ. This point will get clear to you when I will descri;be later in writing about the changes that are happening in my body and in meditation. IT IS FROM THIS PROCESS THAT CHRIST AND LOTUS SUTRA WILL COME TOGETHER AS PREDICTED IN CHAPTER 15.
  18. By the way Chapter 16---- The life span of the Thus Come One talks about the advantages of circulation system of Lotus sutra . If some one has interest in understanding this chapter , I shall also write on this against any question which comes forward. When I read this chapter a few years back , I got hooked to Lotus sutra for ever.
  19. Since the episode with Valenone a lot has been happening with me . The changes are very fast and are going to effect all humanity. I am not writing much because I have to gather all the information coming in and make a sense out of it for everyone.. My dream 2, Valnone, Christ and all other Gods will be the characters in these writings. The changes in my body and in the earth are going to be very fast and many will be capable of noting these changes To me everything has been clear since last one month. But experiencing and writing and expressing is a different art. Chapter 15 ------Emerging from the Earth will come forward before you in these writings as an important base ..
  20. Insights

    I will analyze your dream riju. I just say what comes up when i read it. The riding a bike means you started journey seeking something. Maybe your path in spirituality lotus sutra. With you there was another who followed you. This passenger following you path. Now later in this journey you found faster way to travel this path. You were at back of the buss. You wished you were leading it. Seeing were this path leads. Not knowing what you would find in your travels. When something took a break with this journey you were reminded by the passenger you lead previously. You wondered were he left. Then you understood that this passenger had found way to fly trough this journey and was futher leading and navigating this journey. With your previous passenger you saw that someone was with him. Enormous weight it was carrying or larger being guarding this traveller so he could travel without worries fly the journey.
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  22. Insights

    I have carefully gone through all your messages. I have fully well understood the sublime love process of Jesus through these messages. I have also understood your state . I intend to give you the feed back of all that i think about you and Jesus. But before this I want you to analyse my Dream No .2. I hope that your love/connection for Jesus will help you in analyzing the dream. Recent events due to my contact with you and indirect contact with Jesus has completely changed my meditation. I have been enormously helped and the advantages are available with me all the time now and for future. So I promise a great feed back as related to Lotus sutra . This feed back will help me to return back the benefits to you and Jesus for the good that I have received. For this It is necessary that I get the feed back on my dream 2 from you and indirectly from Jesus
  23. Insights

    To clarify my understanding of love. Since it is not undertood same by all. Some mistake the desire and lust as love but it is not. It can be create love between individuals but it is because our love is conditional. We are drawn to love those alike. When you meet someone you connect with on same level since many carry different issues and fears which makes this love conditional. There is always fear towards others people but can be overcome by dedication to god. We men except the worst as it is in our dna to survive and avoid danger. Love is vurnability. It is when you allow your own fears and issues to be judged by others but many often can get past their own issues to experience the give and take of love. It is journey to higher self that requires dedication to truly feel the power of uncondisional love. These issues could be labeled as sin. As we dont atone these sins we do not see the love. I myself experienced pure presence of god which gave me peace if my suffering. It was boundless. It was fully accepting everyone that cares for me uncondionally. Often i feel rejection when given this love but as it is so powerful it always reaches to the peoplw when it comes from right place. Give thought to it. It could be your way to fuller life. I will try to study buddhism and islam to give my translation for them to just share more insights to create more open conversation to increase depth and true in spirituality.
  24. Insights

    So just wanted to share that my recent posts have resulted of being in very unstable state mentally were i have dug too deeply into my own issues that resulted little state that i would call psycosis. It is possible to induce these by creating strong beliefs or delussional views on self by getting too lost into thought for long periods in stressful life situation. I will still share these insights i experienced at this state. The ultimate plan of Jesus. How i saw it was placing myself mentally into situation that i could have comed up same conclusion as Jesus. I did by fully immersing myself into beliefs required to carry same action as he did. (Psycosis maybe :D) I try to recall what it was that i experienced while having this insight. For me love is the feeling when you truly experience one caring for you as much as themself. It is the rewarding feeling that you get when you truly feel joy for happiness of others. It is feeling that drives you taking actions in best of the ones you care. It is that pure feeling you feel towards your closed ones that can make you change your own needs and wants in away that they benefit those you love. It is feeling that makes you fullfill with sense of being fully accepted and as you accept others without restictions. You get the point. What i mean god is the source of this pure love. Love and respect for all life an creation. This force does not lead to destruction ever but in my opinion a selfish needs is what causes the issues that drives will to cause harm and not respect life. So if you respect god in true way you will never take action to cause harm. Ll though the confusion in understanding what is action of love and action of fear is what is the problem. So understanding love in more depth should be pratice and path in life to live good life. I explain now the theory. Jesus was born as gods child. Being fully human but fully understanding what it means to carry uncondicional love for all gods creations without any fault. He was 100% love yet being human. He did not carry any confusion in this or never acted out of greed. Purely loving every man uncondicionally. This means he loved even the worst of man knowing that this love was the only salvation for mankind to find away of cycle of destruction and insanity. He only spoke of love were his unlimited wisdom came. His every action was taken to the best of mankind. His empathy was boundless and could understand everyone potential for goodness. As he lived he life he spread this ultimate wisdom onto mankind. Giving seeds of wisdom that would create the world as we know it. The plan could have been to create perfect role model perfect path for humanity to step into gods kingdom. Kingdom were everyone is aware of god. Kingdom were everyone is brothers and sisters carrying uncondicional love for all. When all people act out of this love there can be nothing but rewards since everyone gives their love oneother it grows in masses. Gods power will be known to all. Everyone acting for gods will. In this kingdom were love is source of life the offering of earth and its gifts would not be attained by greed but sharing. When no being is deprived of love there would be no pain as mankind lives in unity with common goal. That goal is serving love. Jesus christ sacrifice could been unavoided outcome that jesus had to made. It was to show people the meaning of god/love. He only carried love for each and everyone. It was the people that did not now god but greed that made this terrible fate that was creation of the lord jesus. The perfect image. A sacrifice that was necessary for mankind to see that the gods child offered himself as sacrifice for man sins. He was the pathway to god. Since everyone could see and feel the pure action of uncondisional love. Jesus right at the end loved even the people that caused him to suffer. He was a man. He had same fears same needs and wants as us but he was fully one with god which overcame all that. What he left behind was teachings of god which every man can understand. It is those that believe in power of god that carried jesus will trough ages to present. What could the meaning of reccurection mean? Did he actually become alive once again or was his will and image reborn in mankinds hearts as path to god? No idea. The idea is this world is shaped by the actions of path. And ultimate wisdom of love was never lost in time because of the example jesus gave. Christianity was born has shaped mankind and its beliefs. So is true christianity about serving will of god? Is it to spread this seeds until everyone has known god and able to see how trough unity this power of love is only true way to fight mankind sins. Love is the only way to fight againts evil since it can be only salvation to those lost in path of sin. So the plan to kingdom of god i ongoing. If we pay atenttion to history in our current world we can see how this has become part of many society. To love and respect other but while at it we are also tempted to take action of greed. There is still common understanding when it is too far. But there are many that still suffer. It is the cause of not people truly folowing the path of god. Since it is not always the esier one but it is the battle against evil that causes the hardship and lost in faith. When one get uncondisional love and get it in return something is born. Unity. If this ongoing and fully taken into action the love would support mankind and no one would be left out of it since empathy for all would carry and spread this love trough time for all. It is battle still since not everyone understand this. I could say that jesus brought god back to mankind acting as pathway to it. Showing how to get into kingdom of god were death is not known. When all see life something that is not seperated and is able to love others more than his own death its when death ceases. Since you are the love. This is why if followed teaching like o described. The fault in man comes from us. But who truly is connected to gos like this? Able to put so much dedication that you would risk your own life for gods will? Pure love is only thing that can make man do this. If we taught our children this way it would mean we would risk them into dedicating their life for kingdom? No because we want best for the people we love not best for all. Since there is no being that is known by me to serve god 100%. But when one experience only love there is no suffering. Could this mean heaven? And hell the place werr there is no love only suffering? Does it make sense? Or does it sound like delussional speech.
  25. Insights

    I wait for your 2nd part of letter
  26. Insights

    Theory about Jesus itentions. I call it ultimate plan. I post it in 2 parts. This is preparation for the next post. Felt like giving my own translation into the man jesus was. Since we are human also there is no barrier for us not to be able understand his itentions. It is said that he was 100% human 100% god. What could this mean? If you know god then you can see it. Just began to wonder into what this man Jesus itented for the world. If you make it all simple this theory fits. Id like to remind that i dont put much effort into my writing i just let it come trying to paint the meaning. Even though if i appear as incoherent i tell there is real point in what i am trying to share with you. Dont read into my posts too literally since i am trying to paint meaning instead. It cannot be understood logically so try to see emotional side of it. Look in depth. First i want to explain what i think of love is since usually when words as powerful as love is used often it tends to take the meaning of it away so use it when it truly comes from right place. I think the word love should be respected. Love is the strongest force in universe. I want you to just think what love is. It can change a man and take all their weight away in moment if it felt right. Years of uneasiness and confusion can in a moment change when you experience it. Only thing i know that carries more meaning than anything else in world is when one experiences that they are truly loved it clears all dellusions and hits on all the fault you carry within you kind of like true sight or true perception. Fear is how we shield ourselfs from the might this thing called love carries since it takes all away all the things we are attached to(ideas,belief, dreams, fears) and shows the truth. All we carry and believe, Everything we hold in us. It is free will that is given to us that rejects this or takes it in. It is true and shows you who you really are. It does not lie. Think of what love is. If you have seen birth of your child or delivered him/her into world you see the purity of it. You feel it. Pure life. Pure love. When you give this child your love they give it back and it is worth more than anything. Born child does not know anything but truth. Usually parents raise their child to prepare them for world fearing of all the bad that is out there. So uncosciously or consciously you raise them into what you think is best for them or at least try to. This love is so strong that you shield it all just for you and your loved ones protecting them afraid of the vurnability of it. Imagine the rest from your own past... I cant put it into words but we all have the memories of the beauty and purity of pure action of love in us. What of the people who havent gotten love? How will they know that it is there when no one shows it to them? What these people turn into? They take guard and support from themselfs leaving rest out and judge. By playing role of judge we refuse to accept love in. You feel alone, everything becomes heavy, nobody understands you, everything feels meaningless and pointless, life becomes struggle, ups and downs, confusion, misery, constantly seeking away out of this place by reaching for wants you carry. (were are you love?) your emotions yell... Something is missing? I am worthless? Im not worthy of love? Crying for help in mankind? They yell and pray for god. You lose faith. But in what? God? What is God? This all mighty being that gives us what we want? What is it that we want or desire? Are they things that we keep asking? Getting them still never filling fullfilled? Ever ending cycle of wishes but never having enough? Pure greed is what drives this humanity to destruction and kills love. Truth based on lies and lies spread by those in greed. When done in large scale in world and insanity is born. The more people show this greed the more we lose faith. When we lose faith all become meaningless and we blame god. We blame god for the things it caused. For the bad of the world. When there is no god all we know is greed. But what it is that we actually blame?... First part. Try to see were im coming from and my next post will make sense. All i say is just theory nothing more.
  27. I can’t speak for Valenone, but I am not a representive for any specific god. But, I do know and work with many. For me, it might be better to say that I work for the potential of the “universe” (or all beings).
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